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Those who are interested in Singapore company incorporation do not require a large amount of money to do so. With just S$25,000, a business owner can complete business setup in Singapore.

Be Our Singapore Franchise Agent

Start A SG Business with SGD 25,000
Have you always wanted to work and live in Singapore? Does making a sale come naturally to you? Then get ready because this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – Start your Singapore business and relocate with your family by becoming our Paul Hype Page franchisee agent today!
We understand the anguish or hardship you go through living in a foreign land while hunting for a job or building up a circle of friends or network. The good news is there is now a new opportunity for you to start your Singapore  business with Paul Hype Page Network and Support. This option is suitable for Dependent Pass holders, where company incorporation in Singapore is not an immediate option. 
By becoming an agent of Paul Hype Page, you can start making an income quickly while also growing your business and helping other entrepreneurs around the world.
Make a Decision ?
Step 1: Be ready to Invest SGD25,000 to be our franchisee agent
Step 2: Relocate to Singapore and receive training 
Step 3: Start selling our professional services to  a circle of friends or network 
Our Services For You to Sell:

1) Incorporation with Employment Pass

2) Incorporation with Nominee Director

3) Annual Recurring Services

Paul Hype Page offers you a way to earn a passive income and relocate yourself to Singapore.
Becoming a franchisee agent of Paul Hype Page is a great way to ease into becoming your own boss in a foreign land, as you get the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs by referring them to register a business through the company.

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The solutions we offer for companies and their owners cover important areas such as incorporation, taxation, auditing, and work visas, among others.

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We are always ready and willing to work with any genuine and legitimate company which requires our incorporation services or any other services we provide.


We offer company incorporation, consultancy services, auditing, taxation, immigration & compliance services.

More About Singapore Company Registration

Foreign entrepreneurs can set up a business in Singapore provided they have a valid work visa like the Employment Pass. A registered company in Singapore must have a strong business profile, legal business activities and have their proposed company name approved by ACRA. You must also select your desired corporate entity structure, and prepare the paid up capital required. Incorporated companies in Singapore must have a local resident director. They can be either Singaporean citizens or permanent resident holders, or hold an Employment Pass work visa.

Start A Singapore Business with SGD 25,000 FAQs

What is a Share Certificate?2020-07-02T11:39:21+08:00

A share certificate is a document provided by a company which supplies proof of share ownership. Share certificates are owned by shareholders. Share certificates are also legally binding documents. 

Can those ineligible to become company directors ever become eligible again?2020-07-02T11:38:58+08:00

Certain company directors who are ineligible may potentially become eligible again at some point in the future. Those who are ineligible because they have three or more High Court orders compelling compliance under the Companies Act within a five-year span will once again be eligible once enough time passes that the preceding no longer applies. Should those who are ineligible because of a lack of mental or physical capacity ever regain this capacity, they too will regain eligibility for director status. 

Can the IPA be received in the form of a Physical copy?2020-07-02T11:38:39+08:00

The MOM currently only issues the IPA via email. Those who require a physical copy of the IPA will have to print it out for themselves. 

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