Business Opportunities in SG

Are you keen on starting a business in Singapore? Well, you should be. The country boasts an excellent ranking on the ease of doing business scale. Moreover, the government policies and regulations are all made to promote growth of businesses. A whopping 3000 multinational corporations carrying out operations here are testament to that fact. This shows that Singapore has a highly developed trade oriented economy. To be precise, the economy here is least corrupt, business-friendly, and offers competitive tax rates – what better place to set up shop! Here are some of the most rewarding business opportunities you should definitely check out in Singapore:


The biotechnology industry in Singapore is growing aggressively. This is quite prominent by the government’s seamless support from spending hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure, research development, and recruitment of the top scientists from around the world. Added to that, leading pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have established plants here, making the biotechnology industry all the more attractive. Although, you might need to have a huge budget to enter this sector, it will definitely be worth it!

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Fast Food

People in Singapore have a high disposable income and exceptional living standards; this is why there is a huge demand for quality fast food and snacks outlets. If you have prior experience of operating a pizza parlor, or barbecue restaurant, then you can certainly succeed here. The best part about entering the fast food industry is that it doesn’t require a huge capital investment or any formal education.


Singapore’s electronic industry accounts for a whopping 48% of the total industrial output that shows how the country is rapidly progressing when it comes to manufacturing. Even if you plan to open a franchise or an electronics retail outlet, you can make huge profits. Plus, the electronics industry also gives you the option to start up a business with low budget and narrow range of items, or with a high budget and a broad range!

Online Marketing

With the booming need for businesses to connect with their customers through the internet and make their offerings reachable in the online world, comes the need for online marketing services. These services range from social media marketing, to copywriting, SEO, and even website designing. There are endless opportunities in this sector and the payouts are HUGE! There you go, Singapore offers something for everyone regardless of the budget or qualifications! If you are looking forward to securing business opportunities in Singapore and bringing your ideas to life, be sure to contact us!