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If you're looking for an outstanding country, look at Singapore. Before COVID, Singapore held herself as a tax haven in Southeast-Asia and an international business hub. While the world continues the COVID-19 struggle till present day 2021, Singapore was back to a socially-distanced daily life since June 2020. With pride in the stable and supportive business and social community, it is no wonder that businesses and families worldwide look to Singapore as their next home.

Moving to Singapore can be beneficial for you even if you do not necessarily want to launch a business there. If you need 3 reasons why you should relocate to Singapore , then read on.

How do I move to Singapore?

Applying PR in Singapore timeline

You can successfully relocate to Singapore even (1) with or without a business, and (2) at any time, whether moving immediately, or in the future. Regardless, it is recommended to obtain a long term pass like an Employment Pass first. After 6 months, you may apply for a Singapore Permanent Resident status. Consult with us on the best way to get your PR.

To find out more about obtaining a long term Singapore visa, click here

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Perfect Environment for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most economically stable countries in the world. This is a fact that has been proven and this is something that attracts both entrepreneurs and individuals towards this county on a regular basis. This is the country on earth with the largest percentage of millionaires among its citizens: 17%.

This is because Singapore almost has no manufacturing industry at all. All economy in Singapore is based on providing services, and not so many actual goods. As mentioned earlier, this country has managed to create the perfect environment for business and, what is even more spectacular is the fact that it has managed to do so in just a few decades. Moving to Singapore is an excellent choice if you are looking for business opportunities or if you are a highly skilled professional. The sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities you could seize here and if you take into consideration the fact that this country has a geographical position worth million, you have even more reasons to believe that it is the perfect country on Earth for doing business (even if you are not planning to open one, but just to work for one). You can find opportunities for business at every corner, from real estate to services and from tourism to anything else that you may think of.

Even more, Singapore is a luxurious place to live in. With some of the most expensive real estate assets in the world and with an economy that seems to constantly evolve into magnificence, this country truly has something to offer for those of you in search of luxury.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is another reason that attracts people from all over the world towards this country. Influenced by China and the United Kingdom alike, Singapore is a blend of cultural nuances hard to find anywhere else in the world. Exotic, yet extremely well developed, this country has something for everyone, regardless of what your main interests would be. From pools in the skies to islands dedicated to high-end fashion, you will find everything here – you just must open your eyes to do it.

Work experience in Singapore could be a plus for your resume

There is an exceptionally good chance that your career will benefit if you move to Singapore. Obtaining a working visa in Singapore is not necessarily easy, or at least not from the point of view of the requirements, you will have to meet. You will have to prove that you are a real asset to this country for them to welcome you in. This is excellent because once you do obtain your visa, the gates towards greatness will open for you. Even if you do not want to stay here forever, your resume will be more than compelling as to how skilled you are, one of the greatest business centers in the world welcomed you to work for them. And the truth is that the experience you will gain by working and living here cannot be compared to anything else and that it will be useful wherever you will want to move next.

Even more, there is an incredibly good chance that your employer already has an office here. With so many offshore businesses heading towards this country, it is quite likely that the company for which you work now is already present here and that means that you will not have to search for a job, but just apply for relocation.


Moving to Singapore can be one of the biggest moments of your life and you should never miss such an opportunity. The 3 reasons presented here are just the tip of the iceberg, but the truth is that the Singaporean experience goes far beyond anything you will ever imagine. If you decide to take this step then try to acquire as much information as possible and to get all your paperwork in order – these two things can be crucial for receiving your visa. If you are not sure how to get started, set up an appointment with the consultant from Paul Hype Page. It will be our pleasure to assist with your relocation.


Top Three Reasons to Consider a Move to Singapore FAQs

Does Singapore welcome foreigners?2020-12-29T12:10:53+08:00

Yes, Singapore is an expat-friendly nation. The Singapore government comes out with many foreigner-friendly and business-friendly to attract top talent all over the world.

What are the official languages in Singapore?2020-12-29T12:10:36+08:00

The official languages in Singapore are English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil.

Does Singapore give citizenship?2020-12-29T12:10:00+08:00

Yes, you can apply to be a Singaporean after being a Singapore PR for at least two years (You must be 21st years old and above).