There are many forms of business that one can setup and strive in Singapore. Although not all can be the cream of the crop, certain types of business when Incorporated in Singapore will excel further than the others. Here we look at some of the successful ones that will make it in Singapore.

Business in Singapore

It is a tough question indeed. Although we get this questions a lot, the answer right here also highly depends on your skills, education, interest, and also your experience in various fields available.

However, there are certain type of business, be it in the servicing industry, the merchandising sector, or even the manufacturing sector, that when registered in Singapore, will prevail in the Republic.

Here we look at the types of business you can venture into.


The tourism industry  is one of the largest contributors to the Singapore economy. Singapore’s is considered the safest tourist haven in the South East Asia region. We have the best and friendliest shopping options around the region and our modern structures makes it a preferred destination for many travelers around the world.


Destinations with booming tourism industry have a growing hospitality industry, and it is no different with Singapore. From Marina Bay Resort to Geylang Street, our variety of food, drinks and services available will make you be spoilt for choices.

Options available for you to explore in this industry includes bars, restaurants and cafes to chains of hotels and resorts.

Information Technology

Globally-renowned IT service companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Micron Technology Inc have their regional headquarters situated in Singapore.

Although those mentioned companies have an MNC status, it is a growing business in Singapore.

The infrastructure in Singapore has been established, and it keeps growing over the years bearing in mind the support that IT businesses would require in the years to come.

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Biotechnology is a rapidly developing industry in the world, and it is no different in Singapore.

The seeds of biomedical sector were planted in the 1980s in the Republic. Since then, Singapore government has been investing in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical technology to see the outreach of these industries. That paid off well as the early commitments has produced several biomedical companies who are making invasion in the world stage. ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, AYOXXA Biosystems and Clearbridge BioMedics are three of the many who actually made it there.

Be it whether it is spending on the development of infrastructure, research and development facilities, technology or other aspects that support this industry, the government has been investing greatly in it. If you have the required skill set to venture into this, we will suggest that you do the same too.


Be it providing mobile phone, or mobile phone connections or internet services, there is still a wide range of service that has been left untapped by existing telecommunications providers. Telecommunications here includes radio and television stations, as well as print and online media service provider.


Fashion Retail

This has a very strong correlation with the tourism industry. With international high street fashion brands such as H&M, Aldo, Levis and Zara already making their profits in Singapore, the fashion retail industry in Singapore is bound to flourish further.



This is a growing industry in the world of business in Singapore, and it is bound to stay that way for a long time. Not only do Singaporean institutes provide good quality education with the right price, their courses are also in high demand.