A Certificate of Incumbency is an extremely important business document. It may also be known as a business profile, an ACRA business printout, or an incumbency certificate. A Certificate of Incumbency may be used to complete any of several important business tasks which are to be completed by any Singapore company.

Certificate of Incumbency

A Certificate of Incumbency, which may sometimes be known as an incumbency certificate, is an official document issued by a limited liability company or any other business entity. A Certificate of Incumbency typically contains the names of all current directors of a company which is based there. In certain instances, it may also contain the names of the most important shareholders of the company. A Certificate of Incumbency specifies the identity of each person who holds an important position within the organization. The primary use of a Certificate of Incumbency is that of confirming the identity of any individual who has been granted the authority to complete any legally binding transactions in the name of the company.


Certificates of Incumbency in Singapore

In Singapore, a Certificate of Incumbency may also be known as a business profile. A Certificate of Incumbency is usually the most common business document encountered by any company owner in Singapore. This is because every company which has been incorporated in Singapore is required to have a Certificate of Incumbency. This important certificate contains all of the information which is to be made available to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for any of various reasons. For this reason, another alternative name for a Certificate of Incumbency in Singapore is the ACRA instant printout.

Certificate of Incumbency

A Singapore Certificate of Incumbency contains much important information with regard to the company in question. This information includes the company’s current and former names (if the company has any former names), the company’s registration number, the company’s business activities and capital details, the registered office address, the effective date of a change of registered office address should one be to take place, the company’s incorporation date, auditor details, details about any charges which may have been incurred by the company, shareholder details which include addresses of shareholders as well as their respective Singapore identification numbers or passport numbers (depending on the citizenship status of the shareholders in question), the current status of the company, details of account dates, the date on which the company’s most recent annual filings were made, and details about company officers including the company’s corporate secretaries, managers, directors, and managing directors; such details are to include information such as the addresses of such people as well as their respective Singapore identification numbers or passport numbers (depending on the citizenship status of the people in question).

When a Certificate of Incumbency Can Be Used

There are certain situations during which a Singapore company may make use of its Certificate of Incumbency. Perhaps the most important and well-known of these situations is during the opening of a Singapore corporate bank account. A Certificate of Incumbency may also be used for verification purposes with government authorities of countries other than Singapore. In such cases, the certificate will usually have to first be either legalized or notarized. Certificates of Incumbency may also prove to be useful when there is a need to conduct a background check of any party with which a company desires to conduct any commercial transactions. Another use of the certificate is that of being used as a supporting document when the business owner intends to apply for any additional licenses or permits required by the business. One final use of a Certificate of Incumbency is that of confirmation of any changes of important company information which are to be filed with ACRA.

Of course, before anyone can make use of or even possess a Certificate of Incumbency, a company will first have to be incorporated. If you would like to have a Singapore company of your own incorporated, we at Paul Hype Page & Co are able to make it so that such will be done. Our incorporation experts will work with you throughout the entire process of Singapore company incorporation. Should your company be in need of a nominee director, a company secretary, or both, we will also select a person who is suitable for each necessary role in order to fulfill the requirements specified by Singapore’s company laws.