Disruptive outsourcing solutions are gradually displacing traditional outsourcing solutions as the dominant form of outsourcing today. These solutions which involve cloud computing and automation are replete with financial and other advantages for companies and their owners.

Disruptive Outsourcing

The influence and impact of disruptive outsourcing has been growing at an extremely rapid rate. Disruptive outsourcing will soon be expected to overtake traditional outsourcing as the primary form of outsourcing in the corporate world. This is also true of disruptive outsourcing in Singapore.


Disruptive Outsourcing

Disruptive outsourcing is outsourcing that involves the use of certain technological advancements. These technological advancements may include robotic process automation and cloud computing. Disruptive outsourcing solutions have an ever-growing presence in today’s outsourcing market and have been beginning to compete with traditional outsourcing solutions.


Reasons for Using Disruptive Outsourcing Solutions

Disruptive outsourcing solutions are changing the world of business today. They have forced those who have chosen traditional outsourcing solutions to reconsider their plans because they have given many a company significant competitive advantages.

Disruptive outsourcing solutions create changes within an organization by helping it develop its technological capabilities, increase revenue and business growth, and create a more flexible and competent back office. In Singapore, where many job-seekers are reluctant to take on outsourcing jobs, the growth of automation and cloud computing for outsourcing is even more important. Disruptive outsourcing solutions are also generally much more scalable and faster than relying on either internal development or their traditional outsourcing counterparts. This is especially important for companies based in Singapore, where the ongoing labor shortage in such fields may make it more difficult to engage with those who work in traditional outsourcing jobs. Therefore, solutions involving cloud computing and automation allow companies to better prioritize, reach untapped markets, raise levels of productivity, increase levels of scalability, and obtain important competitive advantages.


The Future of Disruptive Outsourcing Solutions

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, most major companies in the world today are already using or considering using disruptive outsourcing in some form. Among all companies which were surveyed, 93% of them claimed to either be using or considering the use of solutions which involved cloud computing.

In areas such as IT, finance, procurement, tax, and HR, almost all companies plan to either maintain or increase their use of outsourcing, especially outsourcing through the use of disruptive outsourcing. Many company representatives say that they consider service providers to have some level of obligation to implement disruptive solutions because of the major net positives brought about by such solutions. Most executives also claimed that their companies had been pushing their service providers to use these solutions for innovation purposes; it is no longer sufficient to only improve the functional level of the back office.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Challenges of Adopting Disruptive Outsourcing

In spite of the advantages brought about by the use of disruptive outsourcing, such solutions are not always easy to implement. This is because, as is the case in most of the world, disruptive outsourcing solutions are somewhat new to Singapore and its companies. Some of the challenges faced by companies who choose to implement such solutions may include security requirements, opposition from within the organization, over-restrictive regulations, difficulty in understanding relevant processes, and data migration.

Therefore, many Singapore companies have begun making moves to deal with and overcome such challenges. Some companies opt to conduct periodic evaluations related to disruptive outsourcing solutions. Others use risk and security protocols which have been contractually specified and enforced. Still others prefer to use service integration to integrate interdependent outsourced services as well as manage environments in which more than one vendor is active. Some companies which are able to do so might even go one step further and use one or more of the strategies mentioned. In any case, it is evident that disruptive outsourcing solutions bring much good to the companies which decide to use them. These solutions will help these companies become some of Singapore’s best-performing and most vibrant companies.

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