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What are the benefits of ICV (Innovation and Capability Voucher)?

Innovation and Capability Voucher

Many people wonder what is ICV and what are the benefits. International Corporate Volunteerism is set on mounting global community that has complex development changes that have need of some new types of capacity building and technical assistance. This is integral for business leaders of the future to be able to have a deep understanding of the vital markets of the future.

On the corporate level this is a growing trend for any company that is thinking ahead. The fact is that a team from a mission returns back having the know-how about numerous industries and are able to share the common challenge of working with the host as well as ways to be able to rise above the problem. They are then able to use more specific skills to a bigger selection of projects.

As a recruiting tool it is important since most people wish to work for a company that has a reputation for social responsibility. Employees who get a chance to volunteer also tend to stay on longer therefore ICV aids in staff retention ultimately.

These International Corporate Volunteer programs also aid in bringing benefit to the organizations who host them since they get to use the extremely skilled volunteers as well. With the technical skill that would be out of reach for the recipient is thus availed to them. The benefits are also extended to the corporation that sends out its employees as well as the employees individually with special note in the way that the work is carried out but also in the ability to deal with any challenges that might come up along the way.

Overall there is reason to believe that the dynamic collaboration in an ICV work group goes to increase the value of a company’s employees.  This is an organization that is proud in being part of the community in provision in outreach. The model helps communities to be able to realize various development objectives going by its basis on being community owned and driven.  This helps the company to be able to understand the community in which they live with their variety of needs in order to be able to cooperate with each other with other local and regional organizations and agencies that work to take up the existing needs. Thus in essence International corporate volunteerism gives power to communities to be able to take the future in their hands by the provision and right to use of high skilled volunteers in those areas that often have limited opportunities for the use of them.

The highest job satisfaction comes from those who have the chance to be part of the workflow design as well as goal setting. This is the case with ICV since the staff with the lowest of management contribution is obligated to work collectively and to place high goals for their work.

ICV offer a sense of place in that employees get an opportunity to be able to care for their own place.  Since the staff live and work close to the community a sense of connectedness is established with them.  Being linked at the neighborhood and community level makes for easy bonding across the local landscape.  It does not matter if this is within a fast-paced town or even in rural surroundings.  The connection to the place by the parties concerned makes it possible for them to access and utilize resources at from the local level while offering protection for the same as well.

As an Innovation and capability voucher ICV’s can be of assistance to considerably deal with contemporary economic and societal challenge.  Since they are thriving local community businesses,  ICV’s help to lower unemployment within the community and to add on to the value of life.   They also serve to set in action environmental improvement as well as to lessen demand on social services.  ICVs rally round to institute the modern employment sector within the budding Integrative Economy.

Being based on the community level, ICV’s help breathe life into and also strengthen local communities.  The employees live and work within the community and are accountable for building a winning business that has to be incorporated with the community as a whole as well as other local business.  This brings mutual respect with one another and also empowers them to take up dependability one for the other.

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Posted on March 24, 2014 at 11:04 am
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