Companies in some of Singapore’s industries require many licenses for company incorporation. The nature of the companies in such industries require stricter regulation by all authoritative bodies involved.

Industries that require most licenses for business setup in Singapore

Before the establishment of almost any business in Singapore may be completed, certain licenses will be required. The number of licenses required by each business in Singapore will depend on the industry which it inhabits. Businesses which are in certain industries will require more than those in others. Such may be the case because of the inherent risks of the business itself. Others require a greater number of licenses in order for the business to be compliant with government regulations. Still others require additional licenses because of the many facets of the business related to the company’s business operations, while several other industries’ companies are to be held accountable to multiple government authorities or professional bodies.

Regardless of how many licenses are required by the company which you might be planning to establish, we at Paul Hype Page & Co provide services regarding the incorporation of a company in Singapore. Our team of incorporation specialist is armed with deep knowledge about company incorporation in Singapore as well as the country’s business environment. We are able to steer you towards a path in which your company will obtain prosperity and success, both financially and otherwise.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Industries in Singapore Which Require Many Licenses

Any prospective business owner who has intentions of starting a Singapore-based business in any of several industries in the country needs to understand that in such industries, licensing requirements are strict and numerous. For instance, publishing companies which are based in Singapore require many licenses. Depending on the published products of the company, among the licenses which will be required are the Online Publishing License, Newspaper Permit, and Printing Press License are the two primary licenses which are required by those who plan to start a publishing business in Singapore. Other licenses which are required are contingent on the nature of the products which are to be published. Such licenses include the General Radio Communication License, Localized Private Network License, Non-Residential TV License, Advertisement License, and Localized Radio Communication License. Although none of these licenses are directly related to the publishing industry, certain publishing companies in Singapore will nevertheless require one or more of them.

Event management companies which are based in Singapore frequently have to obtain many different licenses because of the varied nature of the events which they oversee and organize. The specific licenses which will be required are dependent on the event or activity which is to be organized. Among the licenses which must be obtained by an event management company before it organizes any events include the Copyright Permit, Public Entertainment License, Trade Fair Permit, and Arts Entertainment License. The majority of events will require more than one license to be in use at the same time.

F&B businesses such as restaurants which are in Singapore require many different licenses to be possessed. The Food Shop License is to be obtained by any person who has a plan to open a Singapore-based restaurant. This license is overseen and issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA). A Liquor License which is issued by the Liquor Licensing Board is required by all F&B businesses which sell alcoholic beverages in any form. Other important licenses which are often required are the Basic Food Hygiene Course license which verifies the hygiene level of the premises as well as a Halal License which verifies that all food served and sold is suitable for consumption by Muslims.

All things considered, although certain businesses are subject to strict licensing requirements, these licenses are nevertheless extremely important. Without these licenses, it would be impossible for the businesses to operate in a normal and proper manner. For this reason, we at Paul Hype Page & Co provide services which will enable you to obtain all of the licenses required by your company with as few problems as possible. We will ensure that your business is fully compliant with every relevant licensing requirement which exists in Singapore today.