Business Opportunities in Singapore

Singapore is a country with the largest foreign currency reserve per capita, it offers the best in terms of education, the best healthcare and the list goes on and on. Over a period of 40 years, Singapore has established itself as one of the top destinations for investors to take up business opportunities. It is safe to say that in the next few years, Singapore is going to be the financial center of Asia and most probably one of the top financial centers of the world. Many foreign investors who started their journey in Singapore with their dream business have now established themselves among the leaders of their industry and most of them have in fact moved to Singapore. They love the taxes, and the innovative community provides a safe environment to live. Singapore also boasts a rich culture, and fascinating lifestyle that has a lot to offer to international business communities. If you have been wondering about investing in Singapore, or to take up business opportunities in Singapore, then you shouldn’t wait. Here are some reasons why investors and corporations should consider establishing a base of operations here in Singapore:

  • Singapore is formally ranked as the third wealthiest nation
  • Singapore offers a great environment for businesses, which is evident by the number 1 ranking from World Bank for ease of doing business
  • Singapore is an example of political stability, and it is the top most political stable country in Asia
  • One of the most prominently favorable factors remains the great tax system. Corporate tax rates are about 8.5% for up to $300k and a flat 17% above that amount
  • There are no taxes paid on dividends or capital gains in Singapore
  • Many investors choose to put their money in real estate in Singapore, as there is no estate, inheritance, or death tax.
  • Personal tax rates here start at zero percent and are a maximum of 20% on income above $320K

Many foreign investors, who wish to invest in Singapore and setup businesses, relocate along with their families. This is because of the high standards of life here. The country provides all of its residents with the best in terms of transport, healthcare, and education. As the country is politically stable, it provides a safe and healthy living environment for all its residents. If you are planning to take up business opportunities in Singapore, now is the time! Contact us for more information!