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Working remotely or commonly known as work from home, has been around more than decades ago, though made widespread due to internet globalization. In the past, housewives in America had been introduced by this notion, that they were able to run telephone operator services at home given they have the equipment, in this case, the telephone exchange. Luckily for most of us, with emerging technology, working from home does not require investment in expensive machines. For example, telephone services can now be operated using softphones which only require a computer and stable internet connection.

How and what makes work from home job possible?

Let us discuss it in a more ‘out of box’ manner and see work from home Singapore as a market in itself – imagine the demands published in online market, and you as one of the service providers. What kind of jobs can you work in relevant to your competency and background, and whether it would be a good idea to consider taking any of them?

In essence, these guiding principles which could assist in decision making comprises of 3 important points:

  • Reliability
    Be wary of scammers who could steal your identity and money by getting personal information. Below are few signs to tell if you are dealing with legit prospect:

    • The company is established, and their information is available publicly
    • The recruitment process is not fishy i.e., there will be application and interview process. Most of the time upfront payment will NOT be required.
    • Scope of job/responsibilities seems reasonable, consistent with the job title and company’s profile.

    Almost all job advertisement can fall under the scam category. But generally, it is targeted to low expertise profile to fish for their idea of ‘easy work’ as such envelope stuffing and assembly work. Common scams include having to pay upfront for asset taken, and once processing is done the work is rejected with the grounds being substandard.

  • Cost-To-Value
    Some jobs require on-the-job training with lower payment before getting on board, other jobs would require much of your investment as such in time, certain special equipment etc. It’s prudent for you to estimate whether it would be worthwhile taking the job.

    Pay attention to direct selling post that sounds like a multi-level marketing. Although not all MLM schemes are fraudulent. You might want to investigate further on the company and offerings, plus whether the gain worth your investment and effort.
  • Relevancy
    Relevancy is considering your long-term goal in career plan and whether your current capabilities including space, equipment is sufficient to run the job successfully. Not all work is suitable in working from home setting. And try to consider your current skills and knowledge and how would you like to grow in this expertise. The idea of relevancy assists in creating more efficient job market, a value for both job seekers and employers. This point may sound redundant, but there are many job seekers who do not know what they are looking for in a career and would accept anything that comes to their door. In a long run, many would find that their previous experience is irrelevant to their skillset and end up being unhappy with their work.

Best work from home jobs you can consider?

Starting your own company and to work from home could be one of the many options avaliable in the market. With the help of Paul Hype Page, you can easily be assisted with setting up a new company in the comfort of your home.

In addition, all the 3 factors mentioned above which is reliability, cost-to-value, and relevancy to working from home environment, most of the work that can be done by working from home and here below are the few of the best work from home according to current market that you can consider:

  • Web developer
  • Computer support specialist
  • Virtual assistant
  • Interpreter/translator
  • Paralegal/legal assistant
  • Teacher/tutor
  • Loan officer
  • Social media specialist
  • Licensed insurance representative
  • Writer/editor
  • Data entry specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Customer service representative
  • Software developer
  • Website tester
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerk

The list above is also compiled based on market demands i.e., popularity in the market – something you would like to consider as they have existing trust from the market.

The impact of COVID pandemic has seen a burst in work from home in Singapore and in every corner of the world. Most who previously work from the office and never had experienced working from home would now have to adjust themselves to a rather different kind of environment. With the aim being to manage the risk of infection, other benefits are felt although well-packaged together with their drawbacks. Below are the top benefits and drawbacks of working from home:

Benefits of remote work or work from home Singapore

1. Flexibility & convenience:

Working from home means that there is no requirement to get up much earlier before your work starts to cover time-spent commuting to the office. It gives flexibility especially in juggling daily life routine and work. Parents can watch their kids while working from home, cutting the need for other people’s assistance. According to the 2018 Manpower Ministry survey, this perk had a positive impact on staff retention and efficiency.

2. Save time:

Thankfully, being able to save time spent traveling to work is probably the biggest perk for most of the employees in Singapore! Apart from commuting time, working at home improves the speed of response by removing barriers of workspace. Normally any staff would be considered “finish work” once he/she is out of the office. Working from home means this barrier is no longer applicable and most employers would assume immediate response, with the notion that it compensates the flexibility and convenience enjoyed by their employees.

3. Save money:

Although never intended that way, working from home directly reduces cost to both employer and employees in a long run, in terms of space rent, maintenance cost, commuting cost, and outside meal expenditure. Given that employee wages are purely calculated on work basis, the net effect will come in terms of savings to employees.

Drawback of remote work or work from home in Singapore

Flexibility of work from home tends to reduce one’s discipline if not practiced correctly. Imagine working in your bed curled up with a hot cuppa, having your own sweet time…Thus, working from home may lead to slacking which results in less productivity

1. Impact on morale:

Secluded in one’s home would cut most organic face-to-face social interaction. The gap by which online meeting tried to bridge, would only address employees’ morale to a certain extent. Coupled with lack of direct supervision, in addition to personal time and work hour crossover, would harm productivity in a long run due to lack of social derived motivation.

2. Distracted surroundings:

Not all employees have the suitable working atmosphere, conducive to their working activities. Some would lose focus on noise from their children, while others might happen to live nearby a loud factory. While most of the situation could be remedied, it is a known problem which implicate productivity during the early stages of transition.

3. Possible cost to employer:

Aside from the drop in productivity due to impact on morale and unsuitable environment, employer needs to invest in the new norms of working – the appropriate system, and the right key people to maintain this system. This has possible burden on cost in the short run, which could also drag further in the long run.

work from home in Singapore

It is the first time for majority of us in the labor market to adjust with this new norm of working in Singapore and in the rest of the world. In other words, working from home only recently become a widespread popular notion. But for many, the perspective remains traditional, and the norms are expected to neutralize once the pandemic rest.

As a wrap up, the needs for remote/work from home Singapore are growing and you could see them coming across many channels as such freelancing sites, job portal sites and social network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It is important that job seekers safeguard themselves with relevant knowledge and information to avoid getting scammed and be successful in their online career growth. If you still do not have a clear picture of how to do it right, get yourself a guided with a virtual assistant now! Contact Paul Hype Page for consultations to help you make more informed decisions.

Work from Home Jobs in Singapore FAQs

How do I make sure I get the right job?2021-04-02T12:06:25+08:00

The guiding principles to get the right job are:

  • Reliability – Make sure the prospect employer is reliable by researching about them.
  • Cost-to-value – Make sure the value is justified to your cost in terms of your time, effort, and other investment.
  • Relevancy – Make sure to consider your current settings, and your career goals.
What is the best strategy to be hired as work from home Singapore?2021-04-02T12:06:00+08:00

There is no shortcut to be hired and paid well. Job seekers need to understand the market demands and find a way how they can fit in as providers.

It would also be helpful to have an online presence for prospect reference such as LinkedIn, personal blogs, or a freelance profile

How can I protect myself against fraudulent online job post?2021-04-02T12:05:27+08:00

Do thorough research. Here’s a basic checklist of what to make sure of:

  • The company is established, and their information is available publicly.
  • The recruitment process is not fishy. i.e., there should be an application and interview process. Most of the time upfront payment will NOT be required.
  • Scope of job and responsibilities seems reasonable, consistent with the job title and company’s profile.
What is the worst work from home jobs?2021-04-02T12:03:21+08:00

The list of worst jobs can be inexhaustible. But from market average views, avoid jobs that require upfront payment which act as a deposit to hold assets. Examples would be envelope stuffing or assembly work.

Additionally, consider whether the job is suitable for your current settings. i.e. If the work requires a quiet environment, it would be disastrous if your vicinity has noise distractions.

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