There are more than 20,000 different types of coins trading on the market. Most retail investors buy alot of coins on impulse, friends recommendations and FOMO. There is only a minority who are well educated about the coins that they invest in. Crypto is growing so fast, its market is growing at 137% while the last internet growth was at 76%! Most people just want a piece of the pie without getting their hands dirty.

In this 2-hour Coin analysis session, get to view exclusive written reports and engage in discussions with our Crypto experts. These discussion and analysis can get very advanced so be sure to attend our other available lessons to lay your basic knowledge about Crypto. Join our fun-loving debates on the coin of your choice!



  • Every Thursday
  • 11:00am-1pm
  • $100


  • Face to Face Class
  • +65 8711 5375
  • Ground Floor, 30 Petain Road Singapore 208099


  • Aaron Quek
  • Angela Ng