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As one of the leading accounting firms, we provide professional accounting services in Singapore to clients. Such accounting services will be required after your company incorporation. While registering your company is crucial, maintaining a clockwork process for payroll, financial auditing and bookkeeping is necessary to sustain and expand your company. It will not only attract more business partners and potential employees but will also guarantee adherence to various business laws.

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Paul Hype Page & Co is a market leader when it comes to providing accounting services. To get your business on track to achieve your financial goals and meet the tax and reporting requirements, check out the common accounting services in Singapore that we provide:

Our accounting services
  • Cash Flow & Working Capital Analysis
  • Account Consolidation Services & Financial Statements
  • Management Reports & Accounts
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • XBRL Filing of Annual Returns
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Advisory Services
  • GST Filing

1. Accounts consolidation services
Account consolidation services are required to allow management team to understand the company’s current financial status. The consolidation reflects all of company’s assets and original entities.

The service includes calculation of goodwill on consolidation, inter-company transactional processes, adjustments form cost to equity, fair value adjustments as well as purchase price allocation.

Accounts consolidation services
Accounts consolidation services

2. Cash Flow and working capital analysis
Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups are usually clueless when it comes to analysing and identifying, assessing, and addressing their working capital and cash flow. They include:

  • Drafting of engagement letters
  • Conducting pre-project diagnoses
  • Integration of measures proposed by business owners
  • Conducting management review sessions
  • Any field of feedbacks on how the company can improve on its expenses and revenue

3. Financial planning and budgeting
The purpose of planning and budgeting services are to help SMEs to structure and implement proper budget practices while managing their financial resources. Some services included are:

  • Analysing of past financial performance regarding revenue and expenses
  • Developing implementation roadmap
  • Developing and integrating of customised templates related to company’s finances
  • Integrating of insights to initiate and structure budgeting processes of SMEs
Financial planning and budgeting


The best way to relieve yourself of the time-consuming process of bookkeeping is to outsource accounting services. Improve cash flow, shorten the end-to-end cycle time for all processes, determine the profitability of the product lines for future expansion plans by outsourcing accounting services in Singapore with Paul Hype Page & Co.

Businesses that seek to benefit from tasks like payroll, accounting, auditing and financial reporting can outsource accounting services. Professionals who can manage internal financial processes will handle your business auditing. Their expertise removes the uncertainty from tasks like budgeting, processing payroll, and debt management.

To get your business on track to achieve your financial goals and meet the tax and reporting requirements, check out the common accounting services in Singapore that we provide:

What Are The Filling Deadlines

Step 1. Financial Year End (FYE)

Choose any date as deadline for filling reports

3 Months after FYE

Step 2. Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)

File Taxable Income Minus All Tax-allowable Expenses

Step 3. C-S/C, The Annual Tax Return

Report the taxes following these standards


Your time is precious – spare your time and leave the hard work to us. Find out the top reasons to engage outsourced accounting services.

Outsource your accounting function
why outsource your accounting function


Many small business owners do not know and understand the difference between outsourced accounting and bookkeeping – especially if they do not have a background on finance.

To sum up the difference, we detailed out a simple table below.

Used for business and financial analysis to guide overall business decisions Record keeping of all financial transactions
Follow-up function from bookkeeping Starting point for accurate analysis, usually coming from raw data (e.g. receipts, invoices, etc.)
More complex and requires strong financial analytical knowledge to dissect the figures to derive key action plans and financial statements Organisation of records and ledgers is the key skill required for this role with basic knowledge on financial reporting standards

Corporate Accounting FAQs

We’ve picked the top 4 questions that we get asked the most when it comes to accounting services in Singapore.

What are the typical accounting services?2022-06-27T15:04:08+08:00

The typical accounting services include account consolidation, preparing of financial statements, tax filing, audit, and advisory services.

Is a professional accountant necessary for businesses?2022-06-27T15:03:47+08:00

It is highly encouraged for every business to have a professional accountant to comply with the annual compliance and avoid penalties.

What is XBRL?2022-06-27T15:03:27+08:00

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a language for e-communication for business and financial data. It provides major benefits in the analysis and communication of business information, and offers cost savings, greater efficiency, and improved accuracy and reliability to all those involved in using financial data.

What should I look for when hiring an accountant or accounting firm in Singapore?2022-06-27T15:03:08+08:00

It is important to know if they are chartered or certified. Hiring and engaging an accounting firm that has relevant experience in your field will definitely be a plus. You should also consider engaging a local accounting firm, so they are updated with the latest regulations.

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