In this 1 hour Ethereum class, you will get to understand Ethereum from top to bottom! Can Ethereum take over Bitcoin? How much is Ethereum worth? What is Ethereum’s utility? There will be an opportunity for you to lay your hands on Ethereum by participating in some experiential activities.

Ethereum class will include main topics as follows:

  • Ethereum’s founder: Vitalik Buterin’s background
  • Ethereum’s Protocol: The central vision for Ethereum
  • Ethereum’s Creation: The big three
  • Ethereum’s Adoption: Usage and utility
  • Ethereum’s future: Improvements and roadmap



  • Every Thursday
  • 5pm-6pm
  • $190


  • Face to Face Class
  • +65 8711 5375
  • Ground Floor, 30 Petain Road Singapore 208099


  • Aaron Quek
  • Angela Ng