Crypto giant Binance shuts down Singapore trading platform. Crypto exchange Huobi to close all accounts of its Singapore based users. There are many rumours, controversies and speculation about Crypto exchanges’ business activities due to unclear policies. This can be seen as opportunities for zero tax and regulation trading environment.

Stay tuned for this 30 minutes Exchanges lesson to find out why we should keep our money in Crypto exchanges. Compare and evaluate which exchange is better plus calculate the risks of different types of exchange.

Exchanges class will include main topics as follows:

  • What is an exchange?
  • Types of exchange
  • Risks of CEX
  • Risks of DEX
  • List of Crypto exchanges in Singapore (Updated)



  • Every Monday
  • 12:30pm-1pm
  • $80


  • Face to Face Class
  • +65 8711 5375
  • Ground Floor, 30 Petain Road Singapore 208099


  • Aaron Quek
  • Angela Ng