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Employment Pass in Singapore

Singapore Employment Pass allows foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore.

Employment Pass is normally issued for 1-2 years at a time and renewable thereafter. An EP visa enables one to work and live in Singapore and travel in and out of the country freely without having to apply for Singapore entry visas. This increases the ease of conducting business activities.

*Possessing an EP allows one to apply for PR in Singapore.


The process of an Employment Pass in Singapore:

 Employment Pass in Singapore

EP (Employment Pass) applicant need to earn at least $3,600 a month and have acceptable qualifications. Older applicants will have to command a higher salary that is commensurate with the work experience and quality they are expected to bring.

Employer or Employment agents (recommended for higher approval rates) should apply the pass before applicant come to Singapore.

It takes MOM around 3 weeks or longer to process the application. Upon receiving the In-principle Approval (IPA) notification, we will make arrangements for the collection of your EP.

*Note to Foreign entrepreneurs

The EP application can only be done once your company has been incorporated. It is not necessary to be physically present in Singapore while the application is being processed.


Documents required for submission of an Employment Pass application:

All you need for Employment Pass


We will need the following documents for submission of Employment Pass visa application in Singapore:

  • Resume or CV stating your educational and employment history
  • Copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials
  • A copy of the personal particulars page of your passport
  • Photograph of the applicant

* Any documents that are not in English must be translated into English by an official translation service.


Summary of Employment pass in Singapore


Employment Pass (EP) eligibility criteria (Working Visa in Singapore)

To be considered for an Employment Pass in Singapore, the foreign professional must have a fixed monthly salary of at least S$3,600

(S$5,000 or more a month can apply for Dependant’s Passes for their direct family / S$10,000 or more a month and above may apply for Long-Term Visit Pass for their Common law spouse)

and possess one or more of the following:

  • Generally, a recognized Diploma/Degree qualification from a reputed university is expected.
  • Professional qualifications
  • Specialist skills
  • Work related experience

The Ministry of Manpower evaluates each applicant on the basis of individual merit. Other factors which also play a very important role are:

  • Salary of the applicant
  • Age of the applicant
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Reputation of the company
  • Company paid up capital
  • Applicant’s current citizenship
  • Having a recognized educational qualification does not guarantee a successful EP application as the applicant is also required to satisfy other criteria such as relevant work experience and/or professional skills.

Similarly, an applicant who does not possess a recognized educational qualification may not necessarily be rejected for EP if he or she possesses other compensating factors.

Employment Pass Procedures and Timeline | To obtain your Employment Pass in Singapore

Procedure and Timeline

We submit all Employment Pass applications electronically to Ministry of Manpower

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Update MOM for new incorporated company. (2 days)
  2. Fill up EP form (by Client)
  3. Check & Submit EP (By Authorized Paul Hype Page EP agent) (2 days)
  4. Approval application (within 7 days) – In-Principle Approval (IPA) /Medical check-up (if required)
  5. Card issuance (At Paul Hype Page office)
  6. Card registration at MOM office (if you are a new EP applicant)
  7. Card collection (At Paul Hype Page office)

Please note that timeframe for application procedure can vary, depending if MOM requires additional document or vetting of document.


Approval and Collection of Employment Pass

Once Employment pass is approved, Ministry of Manpower will issue an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter.

An IPA letter is valid for six months from the date of notification of approval.

After receiving the In-principle Approval notification, we will make arrangement for your EP card issuance.

You will be required to present:

  • A copy of the IPA letter Recently taken passport size photograph Original passport with the entry embarkation cards Medical exam report* (if the In-Principle Approval states that you require one)
  • Any other documents that are requested in the approval letter

* You can get a medical examination done in your own country through an established clinic/hospital or in Singapore. Most clinics in Singapore can provide medical examination and report within one or two working day.

To collect your EP you will be required to present in Singapore :

  • A copy of the IPA letter
  • Recent passport sized photograph
  • Original passport with the entry embarkation cards
  • Medical exam report* (if the In-Principle Approval states that you require one)
  • Any other documents that are requested in the approval letter

Should you need to proceed to MOM for Card registration (for thumbprint and update photo shoot), we will assist you to book the appointment to MOM.

The EP card will be ready for your collection at our office after 4 working days.


Employment Pass New Guideline 2017 (NEW)

From 1 January 2017, new EP applicants will have to earn a fixed monthly salary of $3,600 or more, depending on their qualifications and experience.

Older, more experienced applicants are expected to command higher salaries to qualify, in line with their work experience and skills sets.



Entry Visa into Singapore (Using IPA letter)

If you are overseas and require an entry visa to Singapore, your IPA letter will include a single journey entry visa. Upon your arrival in Singapore, we will make an appointment with Ministry of Manpower on your behalf for finger printing. Once the procedures have been completed, your pass will be ready in 4 working days.

What happens if your EP application is rejected?

In the event that your EP application is rejected by the authority, we will investigate why the outcome was so. Based on the reasons provided by MOM, we will then establish a firm appeal in your defence, addressing the issues raised and providing documents per request, if any.

Appeals take at least 3 weeks, sometimes a little longer depending on MOM evaluation and checks.

You need to submit your appeal within 3 months of getting the rejection. If you miss this time period, you will have to submit a new application.

Jobs Bank Requirement before you apply for Employment Pass

W.e.f. August 2014, the Ministry of Manpower now requires companies that wish to hire Employment Pass Holders to first advertise the relevant position in the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s Jobs Bank. However, certain exceptions apply.

The following are exempted:

  • Jobs in firms with less than 25 employees
  • Jobs that pay more than $12,000 per month
  • Intra-corporate transferees (i.e. candidates holding senior positions / professionals with advanced level of expertise)
  • Short-term positions (less than 1 month)

Employment Pass Application Form

if you are ready to  to start your Employment Pass application –  Click here to fill up the  Employment Pass Questionnaire and our in-house agent will do the rest for you

You may also use the Self Assessment Tool (SAT) to check the Employment Pass or S Pass eligibility of your candidate before you apply or appeal.


Don’t leave your Employment Pass application to chance

Paul Hype Page & Co have our in-house licensed employment agency registered with the Ministry of Manpower and offer a full spectrum of work pass services. We will provide a thorough assessment of all factors of your application and ensure that they meet MOM current standards of review. Our reliable guidance and high success rate come with years of experience and continually staying abreast with Singapore’s immigration regulatory updates.

Call us at +65 6221 4711 or contact us now for a free consultation.

aiva says:

Dear sir,

Please explain EP Dependent pass holder can act as a local director of a company. MOM allow to start business for EP Dependent pass holder.


Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Aiva,

As a Dependant Pass holder, you would need to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) to be eligible to work in Singapore.

Best Regards,

Ben says:

Hi, Paul

My employer’s first attempt to apply for my EP got rejected. Soon after I found out about this, my headhunter told me that my employer will re-appeal. However, when I checked MOM site, it is still showing the first applications details. Meaning it still shows my “rejection status”. Shouldnt MOM site show “pending” if my employer has sent out their re-appeal? Please advise. Thanks.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Ben,

For a more accurate reflection of your status, it would be better for you or your employer to follow-up with MOM directly.

Best Regards,

Ben says:

Thanks for your reply, Paul.

I just received an update from my employer and was told that they are still waiting for MOMs response on their appeal.

It only took 8 days to get my EP application status out meaning it showed that the application was rejected. My employer reappealed my EP last week so I hope I will have the same turnaround time in getting the reappeal’s status.

My question is what if the reappeal gets rejected again? Can my employer reappeal again?

Rao says:

Hi, Currently I am in Indai and have two job offers from two different employers in singapore. I got work permit in priciple approval from first employer, now second employer is about to file EP. I wish to go with second employer. Does it have any impact on getting approval of EP of second employer as I have approval letter from first one? What could be the solution for this.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Rao,

You are only allowed to have one EP at a time. If you wish to go with your second employer, you will need to cancel the approval from the first employer, or your application will not be approved.

Best Regards,

Haron Esmail says:

Hi my name is Haron Esmail iam 28 year old I live in United States of America Nashville Tennessee iam thinking about moving to Singapore the thing is I will be new for me because I never moved any where on my own it will be hard for me is there a way I can get a good job in Singapore without having a diploma

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Haron,

Ideally, you should try to secure employment in Singapore first so your employer can prepare the necessary work visa for you and make the move easier. Alternatively, you may opt to start your own business, and our all-in-one Incorporation with Employment Pass package can help you with that. Do drop us an email at if you have any further queries or you would like to explore the option of starting your own business.

Best Regards,

Christine Jed De Guzman says:

My E pass just expired but I already have 1 month extension of pass requested by my employer and it is approved. My question is, I’ll be going to Malaysia this December for 1 day. Will it be okay to exit singapore while I’m on an extension pass? Please help me. I am just worried that there will be a problem in the immigration. Thank you in advance.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Christine,

I’m afraid that under the extension pass, you will not be able to exit Singapore. If you do, the pass will be considered void.

Best Regards,

Tim says:

Hi Paul,

I have an EP till mid-December 2017. While the application is under review, my wife’s DP expires in 10 days. Would I be able to extend her stay with a short term visit pass without her having to leave Singapore.

Worst case scenario where my EP renewal takes longer, I’ll probably have to get a short term visit pass again & get a 2nd one for my wife in December. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Tim,

It is possible to try and request for 1 month extension while awaiting the renewal of your pass. But it’s not a guarantee, unfortunately. You will need to call MOM to put in the request. Usually they only permit up to 1 time for a 1 month extension.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Tim says:

Thanks for that Paul!

In case my Ep renewal gets rejected at a short notice, would I then be able to get a short term visit pass to set my things in order or look for a new job?
Would applying 1 week before the EP expiry date suffice?

Thanks again!

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