For the last 5 years, I have been using Paul Hype Page's services and I am satisfied...

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Shahed Raihan, Company Incorporation
Hirafah Trading PTE LTD

I can thoroughly recommend Paul Hype Page and his team to you...

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Parker Andrew James, Company Incorporation with Secretarial, Tax, Accounts and EP
Wasabi Consulting Pte Ltd

Aside from their clear prices and professionalism, the most impressive part about Paul Hype Page is having a consultant to follow up my case so I could always text him about the progress and updates of my application and incorporation.

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Luke Elabs Pte LtdLuke, Company Incorporation with EP
Elabs Pte Ltd

I am really happy with Paul Hype Page's expertise and professionalism so I regularly recommend Paul Hype Page to my contacts

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maxithan Pte LtdSantosa, Company Incorporation with EP and DP, Corporate Services
Maxithan Pte Ltd

We have been working with Paul Hype Page for the past 4 years.

Very professional team. We have had a very good experience with them. Highly professional secretarial services.

Eric helped us with setting up and application of EP. Highly recommend.

Successful EP and DP applicationArianna Nasonova, Successful EP and DP application
Sun Team Pte Ltd

We selected Paul Hype Page to help us incorporate our Singapore business entity and to secure Employment Pass for our staff. I was very impressed with the expert guidance the in-house corporate specialists provided to navigate the Incorporation and Employment Pass application process. Now that our staff is ready to relocate to Singapore and our company’s bank account is open, we can focus in growing our business.

Applying and Renewing EP and DPSamba Imaging Pte. Ltd, Singapore Company Incorporation with Employment Pass
Applying and Renewing EP and DP
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