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ibizfile Singapore Company incorporation

Ange Le

Integrity and professionalism is what they’re all about, and Paul Hype Page & Co. helped me do everything I didn’t know how to do and what I didn’t have time to do especially with their one of the kind online ibizfile portal, which allows me to get the setup of my company all done before i am even in Singapore physically! Cheers to that!

Singapore PHP Services :

ibizfile Incorporation with EP

Dependent pass Singapore - Work in Singapore with LOC

VIctoria Marenkova

Moving to a new country is not always easy. But now, I get to join my sponsor and have a job I always dreamed about in Singapore through the Dependent Pass with LOC. All this and more was possible because of Paul Hype Page’s guidance. Thank you.

Company : MobywarePte LTd

Services : Work in Singapore with Letter of Consent (LOC)

Setting a company in Singapore within 24 hrs

Ho Thu Le

My Company is set up in just 24hrs and my EP approved within a month! Absolutely incredible service, I couldn’t be happier!

Company : Tomochain

Services : Company setup with annual compliance and registered office address

Fast and Smooth Company Incorporation in Singapore

David Craig

If you ever want to set up a company in Singapore, engaging their services will be the best decision you ever made.

Company : Taylor Hopkinston Pte Ltd

Services : Company Incorporation in Singapore

Successful Incorporation with Employment pass

Elton Rodrigo Simm

If there is one thing I can say about Paul Hype Page & Co, it is that their role in the successful incorporation of our company was critical. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today as they were instrumental in getting everything from the registration to the EP process sorted with complete professionalism.

Company : Simm Data Pte. Ltd.

Services : Incorporation with Employment pass

From Spass to Employment Pass

Lim Seow Ho

I am in good hands of Paul Hype Page in-house employment agent whom follow up on my application for employment pass diligently with timely updates so i am informed at all times

Company : Hair Creatives Pte Ltd

Services : From Spass to Employment pass

Company Setup in Singapore

Seigman Paul Edward Roger

Setting up a success business was important to us. We needed to work with a consultant who could provide unmatched service in the industry. It was challenging, especially not being from Singapore, we didn’t know where to begin, but we found everything that we needed and so much more in Paul Hype Page & Co’s team.

Company : Ciqurix Asia Pacfic Pte Ltd

Services : Company Setup in Singapore

Korean Company setup in Singapore

SeongYong Kim

Paul Hype Page continues to help me get my business up and running, I am happy to recommend their services to anyone who needs a competent and responsible corporate services specialist

Company : Willcy Wedding Pte Ltd

Services : Korean Company setup in Singapore

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