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Many businesses choose to outsource their accounting functions nowadays. This is because there are many obvious advantages to doing so.

In the modern business world, one concept keeps cropping up increasingly often and that is the element of outsourcing functions in any given organization. Business owners and industry leaders now realize that even outsourcing your accounting function will lead to many benefits in the future. Outsourcing used to be only for functions that were deemed “disposable” or those that didn’t have to bealigned with the business needs. However, a function such as accounting surely would be difficult to outsource. Whoever holds the accounts and finances basically holds the key to the business. Luckily, there are many ways in which one can co-opt finance and accounting services and still be able to run business operations smoothly.

Major Benefit of outsourcing your accounting functions

Cost Saving

In the first place, outsourcing your accounting function will lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Of course, there is the cost that is involved in retaining the services of outsourced accounting providers. However, this is negligible in the light that you are saving money on a monthly salary, annual leave, time in lieu, and sick leave to your permanent employees. Anyone who is still in doubt should prepare a projection of both methods and be pleasantly surprised at the cost saving benefit of outsourcing accounting services.


Another major thing you get to save on is of course time. Instead of spending time on recruiting, training, and other employee-related activities, you will be able to obtain “instant employees” by opting for finance and accounting services. Just with outsourcing, you can now focus solely on running your business without having to think about taking care of employees. It might sound harsh but is an advantageous effect of having outsourced providers.

High level of expertise

Something else that occurs when you seek out outsourced accounting providers is the fact that they are experts in the field. As such, the amount of money you are paying them would be to “purchase” this expertise. Your accounting staff might be highly experienced as well. However, they might not have attained the same level as these providers. Outsourcing your accounting function means that you are now in capable hands where your finances are concerned. At the same time, these experts are now legally contracted to you for the term that is stipulated in the service contract.

Worry-free for deadlines and timelines

Thus, another thing you would not have to worry about would be timelines and deadlines especially where submissions and reporting is concerned.

Better quality of work

One major benefit of finance and accounting services is the fact that you are likely to get more from them than your own permanent employees. This is not an affront on the traditional method of running a business. Rather – outsourced accounting providers will honor the service agreement because they need it as part of their business. You are unlikely to find this in your permanent employees who probably only worry about the next paycheck.

Always keep track with the latest regulations and legislations

Another advantage of having experts working with you would be the fact that they do stay updated to the latest regulations and legislations relating to accounting functions. Thus, they can combine their expertise with updated information and this will prove to be a boon to your organization.

Only pay for what you need

Outsourcing your accounting function also means that most of the time, you will only be charged for services that you use as and when you require them. For other times, you do not have to fork out money for these finance and accounting services. Compare this to the fact that you need to pay for your permanent employees whether they are actually working.

Opt for services depending on the growth rate of your organization

Additionally, outsourcing accounting services gives you the opportunity to opt for services depending on the growth rate of your organization. For example, there have been organizations which have grown quickly and thus, would require more service providers on board to handle the accounting functions. You would not have to worry about having to intensively recruit new employees if you are faced with this situation. Simply contact outsourced accounting providers for more experienced accounting contractors to help you.

Streamlining your business

Conducting an outsourcing exercise also mean that you are really streamlining your business processes. Eventually, this paves the way for a more efficient method of running your business and ensuring that you can convert your ideas into money generation. Outsourcing accounting services usually proves to have fewer errors due to this streamlining and thus, you would have to spend less time trying to rectify mistakes.

Access to the most trending accounting technology

Lastly, one major benefit of outsourcing is the fact that together with the service, you are more likely to also get the latest in accounting technology. Remember how much time and effort you spent on researching on accounting programs only to have to choose the slightly cheaper, not-as-good software? You can eliminate this problem altogether with accounting services as they come equipped with top-of-the-wall programs.


Overall, outsourcing such a major function in the business processes might turn out to be the catalyst you need to spur the growth of your organization. You save on money and time and you can now spend a significant amount of your day investing in business operations instead of having to worry about internal processes. Outsourcing your accounting function is a smart move particularly in the current business climate.

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting Functions FAQs

Do startups need to hire a professional accountant?2021-01-19T09:48:22+08:00

It depends on the owner’s background and expertise. If a business owner has no clue where to start and the basic accounting knowledge, it is best to hire one to make sure the company is complying with the annual compliance.

How should I choose the right accountant if I decided to hire one?2021-01-19T09:48:09+08:00

When you decided to hire a professional accountant, make sure the accountant is certified or chartered. Of course, hiring an accountant with relevant experience in your business field will be a plus.

Where can I hire a reliable professional accountant?2021-01-19T09:47:58+08:00

You can hire a reliable professional accountant for your company from Paul Hype Page. We are the leading and trusted accounting service provider in Singapore.

How do I evaluate if I should hire a professional accountant for my business?2021-01-19T09:44:31+08:00

You should consider hiring a professional accountant for your business if you are not familiar with Singapore’s corporate tax regulations, requirements, and tax laws. It is also a sign to hire a professional accountant for your business if you are not sure when to register GST.

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