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What is a Singapore Employment Pass (EP) Application?

Employment Pass in Singapore

Employment Pass

Those who are suitable for applying for this pass are young individuals having recently graduated from a reputable institute and earning a minimum of $3,600 per month, as well as older applicants who have a higher salary than the minimum required by young graduates. They must also have a fitting educational qualification and have longer work experience to their credit to ensure their application is approved.

Employers should submit the applications for Employment Passes on the behalf of their prospective employee, and provide all the details required in the application form. Employment agencies are a good source to refer to for suitable candidates.  If the employee is a foreigner, then the application process can start before his arrival in Singapore, and it may be achieved prior to his arrival, but it can only be concluded once he hands over his passports to the Singaporean authorities for verification upon arrival. If the employer is not a company that has been registered in Singapore, then another registered company can submit the EP application form on behalf of the employee.  The employer of the applicant can act as the local sponsor, but in cases where he does not, then the applicant will have to provide a banker’s guarantee when he collects his approved EP. All applications are powered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore. Should you want to submit your EP application online, you can rest assured and you will be able to transact with MOM securely.

Some other important things to note about the Singapore Employment Pass application process is that it may be done via EP online, which is administered through the MOM website. Alternatively, you can apply for it though SingPost, which is the MOM-appointed collecting agent. Time processes time for the Employment Pass is normally 2 to 3 weeks and there is a small fee attached with each application.

For your ease, we have also listed down all the documents required for employment and training related applications:

  • For the manual submission option, the applicant has to have a completed application form. This has to besigned by the applicant as well an authorized officer from the company who is acting as the applicant’s sponsor. It should also contain the company’s stamp or seal as proof or endorsement.
  • A copy of the applicant’s educational documents and past employment testimonials are also needed. However, if the applicant has already applied for an employment pass in Singapore in the last two years, then sending these documents again to the MOM is not needed.
  • An applicant should submit his passport-sized photograph of the applicant, which is not older than 3 months.
  • He should also submit a copy of the travel document page along with at least two blank visa pages.

Any relevant medical documents such as a chest x-ray and blood test reports.


Certain professions require even more specialized documentation. The in-principle approval letter will be issued on approval by the government of Singapore. This is valid for six months and it will enable the employee to work for 1 month before he collects his employment pass. Once the Singapore employment pass is ready, either the applicant or an authorized agent from the applicant’s company can collect it from the Ministry of Manpower.

Foreigners who want to work in Singapore in specialized jobs such as managerial or executive positions should obtain a work pass called the Employment Pass (EP for short).

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