• Mclinica Pte. Ltd

    Successful Company Incorporation

    Farouk Meralli

    My experience with Paul Hype Page is outstanding. They are professionally responsive and diligent. I will highly recommend this firm

    mClinica has developed a proprietary mobile technology platform that links pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies and their patients. At mClinica they are using mobile technology to connect pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies making healthcare better for the patient. www.mclinica.com

  • Heliocentric Pte Ltd

    Company Incorporation with Employment pass

    Nayagam Zora

    Paul Hype Page provides a streamline of services that made everything simple and painless by making sure our corporate obligations and responsibilities were met and fulfilled. A smooth Company Incorporation with Employment pass.

    Zora started her career in media production 21 years ago and established over the years a wide network of International clients that trust in her capabilities to deliver each project to international standard. Her long list of international clientele allow her to reach out of Malaysia and to expose local creative talent to the global market.

  • A&A Fresh Pte. Ltd

    Incorporating Company

    Woranuch Supatkitmongkhon & Onwara Leeyahwanit

    Paul Hype Page made the process of incorporating our company very smooth and easy for us. Their help minimized the amount of administration we needed to do, thereby ensuring that we could focus our attention on getting the business going. Onwara Leeyahwanit

    Ms Onwara had her own factory back in Thailand (P.P.M PORNPHIMON GARDEN). P.P.M will be sourcing and preparing fresh thai coconuts (from cleaning, cutting and packaging). Thereafter they will import to Singapore for retailing in their retail store. Ms Supatkitmongkhon will be the person in charge of their Singapore business operations.

  • Shiodome Partners (JP) Co. Ltd

    Set up Singapore Branch Company

    Mr. Kengo Maekawa

    The other day, we have visited Singapore (Paul Hype Page & Co , CPA Firm) to ask for advices and helps with regard to our supporting business of Japanese enterprises expanding toward Singapore. There, the partner Mr. Eric Eio helped clarify all the things that were not clear to us in a very empathically manner. In January 2013, we have decided to establish a Singapore corporation to accelerate our supporting business of Japanese enterprises’ Singapore expansion. Since we appreciated Mr. Eio very highly at the time of visit, we have asked him to do the corporate registration. Mr. Eio accepted to do the establishment, and a procedure of establishment was nothing more than smooth and supportive. If the conditions are met, we definitely would like to ask for more services from Mr. Eio in the future.


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