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Singapore Company Incorporation with Employment Pass (Package)

  • Incorporate a company in Singapore using our local resident nominee director
  • Apply for Employment Pass (for more about Employment Pass in Singapore, click here)
  • Upon successful application, you may commence business activities in Singapore
  • Apply for dependent visas for family members

If you are an foreigner interested in incorporating a Singaporean company or are keen to relocate to Singapore, please read on. We have simplified the explanation of incorporating a Singapore company, and the best part is that  we at Paul Hype Page & Co. can do it for you.

Step 1: Understand the requirements of Incorporating a Singapore Company

Requirements of Incorporating a Singaporean Company:
1) Directors

A minimum of one resident director (a Singapore Citizen, a Singaporean Permanent Resident, a person who has been issued an EntrePass, Employment Pass, or Dependent Pass) is mandatory.

2) Shareholders

The shareholder can be an individual or a corporate entity. 100% local or foreign shareholding is allowed. A director and shareholder can be the same or different person.

3) Paid-up Capital

Minimum paid-up capital for registration of a Singapore company is S$1.

4) Registered Address

The address must be a physical local address. A PO Box is not allowed.

5) Company Secretary

Companies Act requires one company secretary to be both a natural person and an ordinary resident of Singapore.

6) Audit Requirements

Unless exempted from audit requirements under the Companies Act, every company must appoint an auditor within three months after its incorporation. Only small private companies and dormant companies are exempt from audit requirements. A small exempt private company is one that meets the following conditions 1.) The turnover for the financial year is less than S$5m. 2.) The company does not have more than 20 shareholders, and 3.) The company does not have, directly or indirectly, a corporation as a beneficial shareholder.


Ready to incorporate your company in Singapore?

Start your Incorporation process with our Online Incorporation Form

Incorporation Guide

For more information on Company Incorporations in Singapore, please refer to our Singapore Incorporation Guide

Step 2: Fill up the Online Incorporation Form and prepare the necessary documents

Required Documents

Before you begin, we will need the following documents from you:

1) From each Singapore resident individual shareholder and director:
  • Copy of Singapore IC or a copy of the individual’s passport if he/she is not a citizen of Singapore
  • Proof of residential address, such as a recent utility bill, residential phone bill, tax bill, or cable TV bill
  • Foreign Corporate Company Certificate and Special Director Resolution to resolve becoming a newly incorporated company subsidiary’s shareholder
  • All documents must be in English or officially translated in English
  • All copies of documents must be certified true copies by a notary public or originals presented at our office for signing
  • If overseas, you may email us the scanned copies of documents so we can proceed with preparing the necessary incorporation documents. However we must receive the certified true copies (or sight the originals at our office) before we can incorporate the company.Our compliance department may ask for additional information if necessary.
2) For each corporate shareholder:
*Please note the following:

Incorporate Now

Start your Incorporation with Employment pass process with by filling up the following forms:

Step 3: Understand, Preparation and Submission of your Employment Pass Application

Employment Pass Assessment Criteria:
  1. Current citizenship
  2. Specialist skills
  3. Applicant’s age
  4. Relevant work experience to EP Application
  5. Company paid up capital / background / industry reputation
  6. Applicant’s educational diploma or degree

The success rate of our company Employment Applications including appeal cases is approximately 80%.

Incorporation with Employment Pass
Self Assessment Tool for Employment Pass Application

You may use the  Self Assessment Tool (SAT)  provided by Singapore MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Website to check your eligibility for an Employment Pass Application.

More Information on E-Pass

To learn more about Employment Passes, please click below:

Step 4: Approval and Collection of Employment Pass

Approval and Collection of Employment Pass

Upon approval of employment pass , you will received a notification from us informing you that your Employment Pass (“EP”) has been approved for 12 or 24 months.  We will attach In-Principle Approval (“IPA”) letter for your reference or entry document to Singapore.

Make an appointment for a meeting to sign IPA

You will have to make an appointment with our staff via our External Appointment Scheduler for the signing of the IPA before heading to MOM on the following day for finger printing.

Documents required on hand for meeting/appointment

What you need to have on hand when visiting our office for online issuance of your Employment Pass:-

  • Applicant’s passport or travel document (original)
  • Passport-sized photo (taken within last 3 months) – *if you do not have one now, you can take it at the MOM service centre
  • Details of applicant’s Short Term Visit Pass / immigration pass that he or she is currently holding to remain in Singapore
  • Applicant’s residential address in Singapore (if any)
  • Contact details of at least an authorised contact person(s) for us to send an SMS or email alert, and a delivery address, for the purpose of card delivery – we will provide
  • Clear, scanned copies of the following documents in PDF format:
  • Disembarkation / Embarkation card (immigration white card)
  • Completed Declaration form attached with the foreigner’s In-Principle Approval letter
Notification Letter

When the request to issue the EP card has been approved, we will print out the Notification Letter online for you. This letter allows you to stay, and travel in and out of Singapore while waiting for the EP card to be delivered over to our office 4 working days after your appointment with MOM for finger printings had completed.


How Long does it take for the Approval of Visa by MOM?

Find out more on MOM’s deciding factors.

Step 5: Starting Your Business in Singapore

Official Director & Shareholder of the company

After you have collect your employment card from MOM , you can officially become director and shareholder of the company.

Company Resolutions

We will prepare the company’s resolutions to appoint you as the company’s director and shareholder.

Make an appointment for a meeting to sign Resolutions

Please make an appointment with our staff via our External Appointment Scheduler for signing of the resolutions before heading to our office.

Start Up Kit

We will prepare the following Start Up Kit for you.

  1. Setup an Accounting Software for client
  2. Information Pack of  Serviced Office
  3. Singapore Employment Contract Template
  4. Financial Planning and Budgeting Template
  5. Sample of Business Plan
Compliance with Singapore Law

For more information about Compliance with Singapore Law Requirements

Fees for Incorporation with Employment Pass (Package)

Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs Relocating to Singapore
Company Incorporation with Employment Pass
Company Registration S$800
Acra Registration Fee S$315
Appointment of Company Secretary (for 1 year) S$600
Application for Employment Pass (EP) S$800
Nominee Director (for 2 months) $400
Registered Office Address (for 1 year) S$240
Additional Services (Optional)
Dependent Pass for spouse of child under 18 year (each) S$500
Tax Services and Form C submission (for 1 year) S$600
Accounting Services and Financial Statement Preparation (for 1 year) S$600
nishika says:

I want visa for Singapore on employment pass

Paul Hype Page says:

Hi Nishika,

EP’s in Singapore are acquired either through your employer or through company incorporation. Should you wish to set up your own company in Singapore, please do not hesitate to inquire about our all-in-one Incorporation with Employment Pass package.

Best Regards,

Korban says:

Hi, I am thinking to set up business consulting company in Singapore.
I am working in Dubai for last 5 years for business consulting and thinking to set up business management company in Singapore and get residency visa for my and family.

I am holding Bachelor degree of economy and Chinese nationality, currently working in Dubai.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Korban,

We’d recommend our all-in-one Incorporation with Employment Pass package for you, the fastest and most efficient way to set up a business in Singapore with everything you need. Do drop us an email at and let’s talk more, we look forward to hearing from you.


Pipat says:

Hi there,

I’m interested in ur Singapore corporation with a EP pass ( the package).Can you kindly sent me more info regarding the package.

I do not need a physical office in Singapore, do i have to rent a virtual office instead and for how much it will cost me

Hope to hear from you real soon, Thank you

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Pipat,

Great to hear from you! We will be glad to assist with your company incorporation and setup. We also provide registered office or serviced office facilities for your consideration.

We will email you soon about information on how to get started soon.

Best Regards,

Kathy says:

Hi there,

I’m interested in ur Singapore corporation with a EP pass ( the package).Can you kindly sent me more info regarding the package.
Thanking you in advance

Paul Hype Page says:

Hi Kathy,

Thank you for your interest. Paul Hype Page & Co will be more than happy to assist you to setup your company and applying your Employment Pass to work in Singapore. My colleague will drop you an email shortly with more information.

Reddy says:

I am to start digital marketing company in Singapore,I am from India,if I incorporate company in Singapore,how is to apply for employmentpss,what was the capital need to get EP approved,is there any chances to reject my vosa

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Reddy,

Our corporate specialist will be able to assist you from incorporation to employment pass as well as all corporate compliance required for your business in Singapore. We will drop you an email with more details shortly

Daisy says:

Hi I’d like to enquire about the paid up capital when incorporating a company in SG. I understand that all it takes is $1. However if I am a foreigner interested in incorporating in SG and applying for an employment pass for myself what would a realistic paid up capital amount be in order to qualify for an employment pass? I was previously employed in Singapore on E-Pass for 3 years (2013- 2016). I am in the service industry (therapy services) and will be doing home visits. Would a paid up capital of say $5k in the company’s corporate account suffice?

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Daisy,

Thank you for contacting us.

As you already know, there is no minimum for paid up capital when setting up a company. Based on our experience and knowledge, a paid up capital of $5k will be sufficient to apply for EP and set up a corporate account.

We will send you some more information on incorporation and employment pass. Hope it can answer your questions.

Thank you,

Abdul says:

I incorporated a company in Singapore in 2012 with a Nominee shareholder. I live in India. I now intend to migrate to Singapore and take over the shares from the nominee shareholder except for 30% for local shareholder advantage.

The company has 5 employees- 2 EP and 3 local employees.

May I know the procedure to do the same? Should I apply for Entre Pass or Employment Pass?

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Abdul,

Thank you for contacting Paul Hype Page.

We advise you to apply for employment pass under the company that you have incorporated in 2012. We will send you more information regarding employment pass in a separate email so that you will have a better idea before you proceed any further.

Thank you,

sathyam says:

1. I already work 3 years as a restaurant manager in Brunei Darussalam.
2. I wish to buy a running restaurant in singapore my investment is around 60000 $ my age is 49 can i get the e pass for me and my family.
3. My son wish to study in singapore I want to know the fees structure for my son (singaporean fees or Foreign students Fees)
4. How many years take time to Migrate from E pass to PR

Paul Hype Page says:

Hi Sathyam,

Thanks for your interest.

1. I already work 3 years as a restaurant manager in Brunei Darussalam.

2. I wish to buy a running restaurant in singapore my investment is around 60000 $ my age is 49 can i get the e pass for me and my family.
– Once you have your business running in Singapore, you can apply for your employment pass and dependent pass for your family.

3. My son wish to study in singapore I want to know the fees structure for my son (singaporean fees or Foreign students Fees)
– Depending on which school you apply for and your son’s age, estimated tuition fees for international primary school are from SGD$1,000 to SGD$2,500 per month.

4. How many years take time to Migrate from E pass to PR
– There is no fixed time frame for the migration as it depends on many factors that ICA will look into, including your contribution to Singapore during your time as an EP holder, tax payable and more. Some cases take 3 months while there are other cases that can take up to 2 years for result.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


aryan says:

i am having EP with a company where i am director too in singapore but due to financial problem its difficult to run the company at the movement so with this EP can i work for other company?

Paul Hype Page says:

Hi Aryan,

Please be aware that your EP is strictly tied to one particular company only, so you will need to apply for a new EP if you want to work for a different company.

Thank you,

Randy Lee says:


I have just incorporated a new company and wanted to hire a staff who is currently an EP holder working for another company but in different industry.
Is it possible for my newly incorporated company to apply the EP for this person who is interested in working for my company.
With different industry, will the EP application be more difficult.

Thank you

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Randy,

It is absolutely possible to apply for an EP. As you probably know, the MOM and government is getting more strict regarding accepting foreigners, especially for the newly incorporated company, therefore it is crucial to choose the right partner who will assist you from A to Z with proficiency.

Please let our corporate representative get in touch with you regarding this EP.


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