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We provide Your Singapore Company Formation Registration Services Solutions at Paul Hype Page & Co.

Whether you are Foreigner or National Resident, we will process your application with all pertinent government authorities and we will perform all the necessary tasks in order to obtain your certificate of incorporation. We are experience to handle all your needs for Offshore Business Incorporation in Singapore. Trust that partnerships with us will always be for your benefit; all our members deserve the best and we shall provide you with nothing less.

We are currently offering an array of services, we provide Domiciliation Services, Registered Agent Services, and other complementary services that will help you to establish your company presence in Singapore and meet your business needs.

There are several ways of incorporation depending on if you are a Foreign Individual, Foreign Company or a Local Resident as follows:

1Incorporation - Foreign Individuals

Incorporation – Foreign Individuals

The following rules of incorporation are designed to assist various individuals. In this section of the website, significant instructions will be provided to persons with business opportunities in Singapore.

  • #1: Singapore Company Incorporation with Entrepass

    Entrepass is also known as Entrepreneur Pass. If you are a foreigner with years of entrepreneur skills without a formal tertiary education and is actively involved in the operations of your business in Singapore, it is advised that you apply for Entrepass from Ministry of Manpower, MOM.
    It should be noted that should you be a foreign individual and want to register and run a sole-proprietorship or partnership, MOM will not issue an EntrePass. To know more on Company Formation in Singapore with Entrepass, click here.

  • #2: Singapore Company Incorporation with Employment Pass

    If you are a foreigner with years of management skills with a formal tertiary education and will be relocate to Singapore as a senior management personnel, it is advised that you apply for EP, known as Employment Pass in short from Ministry of Manpower, MOM. Change of locations such as this one is very easy to file with MOM. The rules are fairly straightforward and should not bring any complication. To find out more on the requirements and the submission process which we will help you through, click here. There is always a forum for you to find answers to when you come to us, so feel free to peruse of our services. 

  • #3: Singapore Company Incorporation with Local Nominee Director

    If you are not involved in the day to day running of the company and hence not requiring to relocate to Singapore, you are able to incorporate a Singapore Company. One of the requirements in company incorporation is a local resident director. This could be your appointed local Nominee Director. As long as you are able to find a local partner who is located in Singapore, you can appoint him administrator and director of your company and this agreement maintains your arrangement. To know more about Company Incorporation in Singapore with a Local Nominee Director, click here.

  • #4: Representative Office with Business Visa

    Singapore presents many good business opportunities.  By setting up a Representative Office (RO) in Singapore presents a good exploratory way for foreign businesses to embrace the business opportunities in Singapore or the region. Singapore has become a profitable market for foreigners. Businesses that are signed within companies in the country are able to enjoy the privilege of banking and trading in Singapore.

    To find out more, click here. Assistance will be made accessible to anyone who wishes to receive help in this

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2Incorporation - Foreign Individuals

Incorporation – Foreign Companies

A Subsidiary Company can be incorporated should you relocate or not relocate to Singapore. When the foreign parent company incorporates a subsidiary in Singapore,  the subsidiary company  incorporated will be regulated as a local company under the Companies Act.

  • #1: Foreign Subsidiary Incorporation

    A Subsidiary Company can be incorporated should you relocate or not relocate to Singapore. When the foreign parent company incorporates a subsidiary in Singapore,  the subsidiary company  incorporated will be regulated as a local company under the Companies Act. This means that while the company’s development is foreign, its subsidiary will be governed and go under regulation as any local company would be. To find out more detailed informed on the processes for setting up a foreign subsidiary in Singapore, click here. 

  • #2: Foreign Branch Incorporation

    Foreign Companies may carry out business in Singapore by registering as a foreign branch under the Companies Act if it does not want to incorporate a local company. A branch company acts an extension of its parent company and is not a legal entity separate from the parent company. As such, it not have its own board of directors and own shares. Any debts incurred by the foreign subsidiary, its parent company would not be made liable. To find out more about incorporating a foreign branch company, click here.

  • #3: Foreign Representative Office Registration

    A Foreign Representative Office (RO) is unlike a subsidiary or a branch office. A RO does not have any legal status and is unable to carry out any profit generating activities. Rather this would be an office for execution of laision matters, setup to carry out non commercial activities of its foreign parent company. To know more details about registering a Foreign Representative Office in Singapore, click here.

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3Incorporation - Foreign Individuals

Incorporation – Local Residents

A Company is a business entity which is legally separated and has a clear distinction from its shareholders and directors.

  • #1: Companies

    A Company is a business entity which is legally separated and has a clear distinction from its shareholders and directors.
    To know more detailed information, click here.

  • #2: Sole Proprietorship

    A Sole Proprietorship as the name implies is simply a business owned by one person.

    For more information on Sole Proprietorship, click here.

  • #3: Partnership

    A Partnership is an association of two or more persons carrying out a business.

    If you are interested in knowing more about forming a Partnership, click here.

  • #4: Limited Partnership

    A Limited Partnership is one that consists where the business is owned by two or more individuals, with at least one general partner and one limited partner.

    To know more about a Limited Partnership formation, click here.

  • #5: Limited Liability Partnership

    In a business formation whereby it is a LLP, the partnership is one where the each partner’s own liability is generally limited.

    Interested in forming a LLP? To find out more, click here.

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4Incorporation - Foreign Individuals

Need further advice for your Company Incorporation needs?

If you need help with a bank in your jurisdiction, our offices can provide a personalized and private consultation for your applications. We can help you with passed emailed documentation for your address no matter your residency, financial background, or countries of origin. Understand that your submitted documents will be in good hands and any applications issued will receive appropriate addressing.

  • When you are seeking incorporation from Hong Kong, the UK or United Kingdom, the UAE, Belize, Seychelles, Cyprus, Panama, the British Virgin Islands or Isle, Nevis, Dubia, or the Bahamas, our company offers investment protection and privacy, works free of hassle, opening each case as though it were the most important. Our agents are always dedicated to helping you through all sections of your application and incorporation in any country. More so, rest assured that through the course of these processes, you will be receiving timely updates on the status of your documents.
  • Through our website, entrepreneurs located around the world can choose from the many services we offer such as annual online assistance to make a structured decision about their company. You can read more about the basics of registering a Singapore company and the issues that matter. Our branches will help you make operating agreement copies, terms, articles of incorporation, protect an asset, trade, fund project, enjoy capital increase, and benefit for years from proper business activity and compliance. We always take the initiative to put our best foot forward, so you can trust a continuing positive experience when you choose us.
  • As the number one spot for complete incorporation needs, we offer simple, virtual services that meet minimum industry standards. Using our services establishes your reserved rights. We help you with a reference and payment approval for all associations.
  • Our specialists adhere to the law while we work with our customers to find the best prices, a tax-exempt status, the best holding and more. We can check on common practice and report back to you about any advantages we found.
  • With our team you can rely on a specialist to help you incorporate as an LLC, otherwise known here as LLP. They will provide you with confidentiality and all of the tools related to a start up. You will learn how to set standards, remain competitive, draft a memorandum, preparation of minutes, keep main records for an employee, and additional documentation which states hours or credit received by customers, as well as company policy.
  • Our special centres have optional services to help you with a decision about your member responsibility, property, licensing, pay, cost havens, a holding, foundations, profits, and more.
    You should hold all the cards when it comes to running your business and we are united with you to ensure you do.
    Worldwide, we offer security for your money. For more frequently asked questions about Singapore Company Incorporation, click here.

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  1. Kumar
    January 29, 2013 at 3:24 PM · Reply

    I am from Bangalore, India. I am interested to open a consulting cum trading business in Singapore. Do you handle such ? If yes, please let me know more inputs from you

    • paulhypepage
      January 30, 2013 at 2:13 PM · Reply

      Dear Kumar

      Thank you for showing interest in starting a Singapore company

      Singapore is a place to incorporate a Singapore company dealing in trading and consulting as we are are Asia regiional hub for many MNC

      Please click Singapore business license for the specific steps

      For your family and yourself to relocate to Singapore, I would suggest you can view our website – Singapore Visa overview.

      Please give me a call at my mobile +65 84848816
      Eric Eio , CPA, SIATP and PMC Singaproe

      The contents of my reply are accordingly not to be considered as legal opinion and should not be relied upon as such. Any business, legal or tax consultancy provided is based on the best of knowledge and represents only the opinion of the individual consultant on a without prejudice basis. You may obtain your own independent legal and tax advice, if so required, or to assume, the risk of not doing so.

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