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Singapore is a renowned fashion center in the region of Asia Pacific. Many Singaporeans have a manufacturing company in overseas countries, and many fashion brands from across the globe have expanded into Singapore.

Starting a clothing company in Singapore should not be that intimidating when you begin well. The good news is that there is a low barrier to entry due to low starting capital, lack of educational requirement and ready market.

Starting a Singapore Clothing Company

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Singapore is a renowned fashion center in the region of Asia Pacific. Many Singaporeans have a manufacturing company in overseas countries, and many fashion brands from across the globe have expanded into Singapore.

Starting a clothing company in Singapore should not be that intimidating when you begin well. The good news is that there is a low barrier to entry due to low starting capital, lack of educational requirement and ready market.

So, what are the things to consider when starting a clothing company in Singapore?

Maybe start by asking yourself these pertinent questions:

  • Do I have the third eye for fashion, meaning, are you fashion conscious?
  • Am I willing to listen to opinions and insights from those who deal with consumers directly? People such as sales staff, store owners and even the customer themselves.
  • Do I realize there are different generations of people all mingled together, and how do I meet their individual needs?
  • Do I know about their lifestyle and what they like doing?
  • Am I willing to overhaul something into something completely new?

Once you honestly answer the above questions, you realize that you may have to employ someone else to run your clothing company on your behalf.

  1. Start by planning each step careful up to and including how you place the item into the consumer’s hand.
  2. Planning makes you see what is feasible in terms of cost and your capability.
  3. Search your market and discover what to provide primarily in order to bridge the missing link.
  4. Know your competitors in the clothing industry.
  5. Have the weather condition of Singapore in mind. Singapore is mainly tropical.
  6. Focus on making an impression through clothing. A clothing company must have a concept. This is what will speak to your target customers. Create at least a product that will serve as your company’s brand. When people see it, they think of you.
  7. The name of your clothing company speaks volumes about you, so take time to select a name.
  8. Decide what you want to focus on; you cannot concentrate on everything. Starting small is advisable. You make it stronger and expand in a ripple effect kind of action. And in time you may incorporate a lot of other products that work.
  9. Seek professional assistance. Get a second opinion, and it may surprise you to find a new insight that you could not have thought of on your own.
  10. Put in place good marketing strategies. You might have good products, but if prospective customers don’t know of their existence or where to find it, it might just end up sitting on themselves.
  11. Consider the diverse population. Singapore has both local and foreign residents. Besides, some tourists visit each time.
  12. Test your brand in the real market.
  13. Ensure you have a clothing retail shop as it helps in interacting with customers in a one on one basis and getting reliable feedback.
  14. Invest in fast-moving items/products, especially those that are worn regularly to work.
Start a clothing business
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore
  • Incorporate your company
  • Register and get the approval of your company with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).
  • Register your company with appropriate taxation authorities.
  • Acquire appropriate licenses and permits where applicable.
  • Register your trademark. This gives your business full authority/ownership to your concepts and brand designs.

Marketing strategies for a clothing company:

Communicating with your target audience

You should ensure that the information you pass to your audiences is reaching them. That way, your effort to expand will be noticed.

  • Offline: create signs at the point of sale to ensure customers get offers.
  • Online: have an online presence. However, first, ensure that you are knowledgeable of the public.

Have a window display

This is an old practice but most certainly still very useful. Ensure you change the display of your clothes regularly. And strange as it may sound, have a window display calendar that marks essential occasions so that you don’t end up displaying in a way that prospective customers miss the special events.

Attend trade shows

Trade shows make you and your brand noticeable. It is also an excellent place to find supplies and hence reduce your logistics cost.

Conduct offline Events

Be more proactive at the beginning and ending of weather seasons, tax seasons, business anniversaries and while liquidating leftover clothing from passing seasons.

Package and repackage well at your point of sale

In as much as you do window display, do equally well at the point of sale to ensure customers get the feeling of “there’s more inside”. While wrapping the cloths, throw in your business card and some candies.

Challenges of Starting a Clothing Company in Singapore

  • It is not easy to find a retail partner. International brands are given priority over untested local brands.
  • Not all Singaporeans have pride in acquiring local brands; some prefer international designers.

What are the important factors to win in a competition?

  • Watch out for upcoming trends and own it. When you start a clothing company in Singapore, you should know about fashion and fashion changes.
  • Take advantage of the sensitivity of consumers. Consumers are very sensitive to the materials retailers use to make clothes. People prefer environment-friendly materials, and that promote recycling. So, watch out for such materials.
  • Meet your customers at a personal level. Customers may come to you with tailor-made suggestions, don’t ignore but rather evaluate such with a critical eye what works for your clothing company.

Who are the clothing company’s competitors?

Before starting a clothing company in Singapore, you should know that the competitors of a clothing company may be fellow manufacturers or second-hand cloth importers. It is always good to be a step ahead by finding the weak point in your competitors. Once you find it, you keep nailing it until it breaks. In the clothing company, you do so by providing the best at affordable rates and at an accessible location.

Another competitor akin to second-hand clothing companies is the buy and resell stores. They act as cloth rental shops. It tends to satisfy the craving of fashionistas in that they can acquire and discard after just a short period. These stores offer reduced costs. Positively, they can serve to benefit clothing business entrepreneurs as it can serve as a location to watch upcoming trends.

The future of clothing company in Singapore

The future of clothing company looks good as more Singaporeans are moving from being slack dressers to being fashionistas.

Globalization has also opened up new opportunities, and social media is proving to be a reliable advertising arena.

Online retailers are also making the future of upcoming clothing designers bright by taking care of their advertising hence giving the designers ample time to focus on designing.


Business is a highly dynamic industry, and sometimes failures might knock. You cannot easily predict what works if you are not willing and ready to take the leap of faith. Those who win are those who fail but dust themselves and keep moving using the experiences, the bruises as a springboard. Talent alone does not make you prosper; you need determination and hard work in the clothing company.

Starting a Clothing Company in Singapore FAQs

What are the benefits of having a trademark?2020-10-23T11:50:04+08:00

Some of the benefits of having your trademark registered are as follows:

  • Recognition by authorities within the same sector
  • It gives you royalties when a third party legally uses it
  • Specific tax reductions from the government
  • Legal protection from Intellectual Property (IP) thieves
Why coffee shops are crucial for a clothing company?2020-10-23T11:48:53+08:00

Coffee shops provide a constant flow of a variety of customers. It allows one to look at trends of prospective customers. It also avails prospective customers, customers who may find your cloth designs worth buying. Takeaway snack café can substitute a coffee shop.  

How do I market my brand as a new clothing company in Singapore?2020-10-23T11:49:09+08:00
  • Look at your budget and decide what it can cover. Go for the most affordable means.
  • Make use of readily available free advertising sites like social media. You must use the right catchy keywords. Target those with large followers and friends.
  • Do mergers with other businesses. For example, you can merge with a coffee shop or a takeaway snack joint. Or you can just co-lease with such companies, and they will provide prospective customers.
What happens if one is found operating a clothing business company without appropriate licenses?2020-10-23T11:49:25+08:00

A person will be charged in the court, or a suspension of the business activities, or termination of business.  And sometimes a combination of any two. 

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