COVID has proved a virtual way of business. There is no need for physically present staff while junior level employees continue working remotely. It is time to leverage and redesign your business model for sustainability and profitability.

How does Shared Services work?

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Physically Present StaffShared Services
$3,500$2,000 to $2,500
>30% cost savings
Benefits of Shared Services
No more unproductive staff, We will solve all HR problems of:
No more Re-hiring
No more Re-training
No more loss of productivity
No more Office Politics

Market research & feasibility


Is it viable to do business abroad? Assess before committing to large investments.

Market Intelligence

Gathering competitive market information and customer data.

Conducting Research

Conducting surveys, data mining, cold calls and more.

Market research & feasibility

Sales & Customer Service

Employees will use various methods to obtain sales leads:

Pre-Sales Lead Generation:

  1. Reply enquiries from website, email, WhatsApp etc.
  2. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator connect and message target customer.
  3. Use Internet Data Mining to cold call.
  4. Add Sales Leads into WhatsApp group chats.
  5. Add Sales Leads into CRM for automated email workflows.
  6.  Arrange call appointments or face to face meetings.

Post Sales, Customer Service

  1. WhatsApp Hotline
  2. CRM: Automated E-Mail Templates and Workflows
Sales & Customer Service
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Share Services Payroll & Accounts


  • Monthly payroll
  • Statutory deductions, funds, levy and pensions


  • Annual payroll reports
  • Payslip and renumeration reports


  • Electronic-leave
  • Employee registrations
Payroll & Accounts

Our service offerings cover all aspects of the accounting function, including:

  1. Management reporting
    • Trial balance
    • Nominal ledger listings
    • Reports issued monthly etc.
  2. Creditors control
    • Purchase invoice authorisation
    • Aged creditors
  3. Debtors control
    • Sales invoicing
    • Aged debtors report
  4. Cash management
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Treasury control
    • Invoice/payment processing
  1. Preparation
    • Preparation of annual financial statements
    • Conversion of financial statements to XBRL format for filing with ACRA
  2. Liasing with auditors
    • Answer year end audit queries
    • Update trial balances with audit year end audit adjustments
  3. Other
    • Cashflow reporting
    • Budgetary control
    • Fixed asset register

Share Services Administrative

Share Services Administrative

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