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Company Registration at Paul Hype Page Singapore

Offshore companies have specific requirements related to taxation, directors, accounting, and incorporation, among other matters. Singapore is home to many offshore companies. Let us look at the following:

It is common that the company wants to expand overseas for new market expansion or to outsource certain business processes overseas where it is geographically nearer to their targeted clients. 

At Paul Hype Page, we have 4 physical offices with our staff in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Further, we have satellite offices in the United States, Australia, Korea, and China which can assist in your offshore operation. Our clients are able to leverage our presence in these countries and outsource their daily operations or high-level management reporting. 

Our Services range from international tax planning, Incorporation, Accounting, Legal, Human Resource, and running your daily operation. 

Foreign companies whom will like to operate a Singapore Company, and do not wish to relocate personally to Singapore, we have the following Paul Hype Page Solution for your refers : 

  • Incorporation of an offshore Singapore Regional HQ for Asia Expansion 

Summary steps for the Incorporation with Nominee Director Services (Estimated Time: 2 – 7 days) 

  1. Fill out incorporation details, using the link: (Day 1) 
  2. Make an appointment at our office, or over the phone: (Day 2)
  3. Email us the foreign director and shareholder’s documents (Day 3) 
  4. Pay the invoice in full (Day 4) 
  5. Sign the Nominee Director Agreement and Resolutions  (Day 4) 
  6. Incorporate the Company (Day 5) 
  7. Open a bank account (Day 6 to 7) 

Why You Need A Local Nominee Director And What Is The Responsibility And Restriction? 

  1. It’s a government requirement for incorporating a company if you are a foreigner.
    Government regulations require that foreign entrepreneurs apply for an EntrePass before incorporating a company. Unfortunately, obtaining an EntrePass is both time-consuming and difficult. That is why Paul Hype Page offers the option of employing a dormant nominee director. Once incorporated, you can apply for an Employment Pass, which is easier to obtain and preferable to an EntrePass. 
    If you do not intend to hire staff at the initial stage, our build, operate, and transfer model can help.

  2. To enable you to conduct business as you wait for Employment Pass approval and company incorporation
    If you are a foreigner living in another country, it is possible to build a business in Singapore. In the time between incorporation and Employment Pass approval, you may wish to conduct business activities such as hiring, marketing, and branding. We have skilled personnel to operate the business in the initial stage while in wait for your Employment Pass. Once approved, directorship, and all other operations will transfer to you and your staff. 

Responsibility of a nominee director

A nominee director acts on behalf of a foreign company or a foreigner located overseas to represent their interests in government-related gatherings. They attend Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and other government-mandated meetings.

Restrictions of a nominee director

Nominee directors in foreign companies or acting on behalf of a foreign living overseas can however not responsible for undertaking the day-to-day activities of the foreign company. They are just there by name only to fulfill government incorporation requirements.

How our Build Operate Transfer model can help you if you do not intend to hire staff in the initial stage:

Building a business in a foreign country requires much knowledge and information about the country and culture, as well as the right personnel. Many foreign firms face obstacles from start to finish. These obstacles may be legal, taxes, hiring, and management.

High-Quality Administrative Services

For foreign companies or foreigners located overseas and wishing to operate a Singapore company, but do not intend to hire staff in the initial stage, we at Paul Hype Page and Co provide high-quality administrative services to organizations varying from top-tier multinationals to medium and smaller enterprises. 

BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) company management service

Paul Hype Page and Co also provides a wholesome and tailor-made one-stop solution, an onshore company management service called Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). 

In this model, your firm contracts with us to build a shared service to operate your overseas business for a fixed interim period. The logic behind the BOT model is that the offshore partner can initiate operations and reach operating stability much faster than it can with our in-house effort. 

Click here to find out more about corporate support services and BOT. 


Foreign companies or a foreigner living overseas can operate a Singapore company by enlisting the services of a nominee director. A nominee director services are advantageous to those who have not yet gotten approval for Employment Pass as they wait for company incorporation. The services of a nominee director can be enlisted from trusted service providers like Paul Hype Page and Co.

Foreigner located overseas operating a Singapore Company FAQs

Is the experience of running a company while overseas the same as when you are running it while in that country?2020-12-22T11:42:30+08:00

No. running a company while away from it presents more challenges than running it while you are within Singapore. This is because you must rely on information provided and trust that it’s the best there is.  

What is a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model?2020-12-22T11:42:05+08:00

It is a wholesome and tailor-made onestop solution aimed at helping the offshore partner initiate operations and reaches operating stability much faster than it can with our in-house effort. 

This service is unique with Paul Hype Page & Co whereby your firm contracts with us to build a shared service to operate your overseas business for a fixed interim period. 

Will my foreign company be legally incorporated while am living overseas?2020-12-22T11:41:37+08:00