What are the Differences Between CorpPass & SingPass in Singapore?

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The introduction of the Singapore CorpPass in 2016 means users would no longer need to share their individual SingPass accounts for corporate transactions. SingPass and CorpPass now exist as different platforms to perform different transactions. It is important for businesses to understand the differences between the both after incorporating a company.

What is SingPass?

SingPass or Singapore Personal Access allows the ease of access to secured online transactions with over 60 government agencies. As sensitive data is being transferred online, 2-Step Verification is implemented for secure digital transactions. This means:

  • Issuance of a one-time password sent through SMS or generated using OneKey token

  • Authentication through SingPass username, password and 2FA authentication

Individuals aged 15 and above and fall under any of the groups below are eligible to apply for SingPass:

Business Opportunities in Singapore

What is the Singapore CorpPass?

CorpPass or Singapore Corporate Access is made for Government-to-Business (G2B) transactions as a one-stop authentication and authorisation service for corporate users to transact online with government agencies and associations.

To register for CorpPass account online, you’ll need to take note of the following:

  • Unique Entity Number (UEN) is required to be eligible for CorpPass
  • Only the Registered Officer (RO) or nominated Administrator can register for an account
  • You can create a CorpPass user account for employees or individuals – they must be eligible SingPass holders

The alternative method for RO’s approval is by having a Letter of Authorisation, but only applicable in the following cases:

  • Where the RO is not a SingPass holder

  • If the RO is not able to provide online approval

  • If approval for the CorpPass Administrator registration can be granted by a Key Executive within the business entity

The Differences Between SingPass & CorpPass in Singapore

For SingPass and CorpPass, there are key differences in the way individuals may use these platforms.

Conduct online transactions as an individual Conduct online transactions for a business entity
No need for a UEN to apply  Mandatory to have a UEN to apply 
Only one account per user  Multiple CorpPass user accounts can be created 

The separation of personal and business accounts for digital interactions with G2B will increase the privacy of personal data and also helps to mitigate risks for businesses.

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Who is the Registered Officer (RO) in the business?2021-08-21T16:26:55+08:00

The RO is a person whom the entity is registered or incorporated to; he/ she usually holds legal authority or is bounded to legal matters relating to the entity. There may be more than 1 RO per entity. Individuals who are eligible to be a RO include: 

  • Business Owner 
  • Company Director 
  • Shareholder 
  • Partner 
  • Board Member 

The RO will be responsible for: 

  • Appointing a CorpPass Admin (offline) for the entity; and 
  • Approving online registration of CorpPass Admin account 
Why is Singapore government building a Smart Nation and why is it important?2021-04-01T10:39:39+08:00

Smart Nation is a Singapore government initiative to harness infocomm technologies, networks and big data to the fullest to create tech-enabled solutions with the aim of improving the lives of citizens, creating more opportunities and building stronger communities. Smart Nation is a transformed Singapore where people will be more empowered to live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology that offers exciting opportunities for all. It is where businesses can be more productive and seize new opportunities in the digital economy.

How do entities without registered companies apply for CorpPass?2021-08-21T16:25:01+08:00

Entities such as tutors, taxi drivers and hawkers with no registered companies do not need to switch to CorpPass. They can continue to use SingPass.

Who is the Registered Officer (RO) in the CorpPass Role for Business?2021-04-01T10:37:49+08:00

A person whom the entity is registered or incorporated to; he/ she usually holds legal authority or is bounded to legal matters relating to the entity. There may be more than 1 Registered Officer per entity. Individuals that can be a Registered Officer include:

  • Business Owner
  • Company Director
  • Shareholder
  • Partner
  • Board Member

Responsible for:

  • Appointing a CorpPass Admin (offline) for the entity; and
  • Approving online registration of CorpPass Admin account.
What is G2B?2021-08-21T16:27:40+08:00

Government-to-Business (G2B) is the online non-commercial interaction between local and central government and the commercial business sector with the purpose of providing businesses information and advice on e-business best practices. G2B transactions refer to the conducting of transactions between government bodies and business entities via the internet.

What can users do to protect their account and personal information when accessing SingPass?2021-08-21T16:28:41+08:00

Here are some tips to protect your account and personal information: 

  • Do not share login information: Keep your SingPass ID, password and 2FA details confidential 
  • Do not re-use passwords: Certain websites that you access may not be secure. Login information may be stolen from these sites and used to hack your SingPass account 
  • Change passwords regularly 
  • Use strong passwords: Strong passwords are alphanumeric and contain 8 to 24 characters. 
  • Look out for phishing sites: There may be sites that look like government websites to trick you into disclosing your personal details. To verify that it is not a phishing website, always check that the URL is correct (www.singpass.gov.sg), and there should be a ‘lock’ icon in the address bar. 
Are foreigners eligible to get a SingPass?2021-08-21T16:28:10+08:00

All citizens of Singapore, and permanent residents of Singapore and other nationalities (foreign nationals) are allowed to apply for a SingPass.

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