Factors To Consider When Choosing Your MRA Consultant

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After deciding to apply for the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant, the next step is to identify the right MRA grant consultant to assist with the application and on-ground work. The MRA consultant that you choose will have a direct impact on your application – here are some factors that you should consider and questions that you should ask them:

  • Client testimonials – do they have strong testimonials from clients?

  • Track record – what are the past completed projects and the outcomes?

  • Presence – do they have a local team in the jurisdiction to assist with in-market execution and activities?

  • Capabilities – are they able to handle the full scope of the grant?

For client testimonials and track records, these are important documents as it is required to be submitted along with your application. Ideally, the chosen MRA consultant should have vast experience in helping you with the services needed for that particular jurisdiction.

Having a local operations team is also another key deciding factor. MRA consultants who have local presence in the chosen jurisdiction will be extremely beneficial as they will have the local market knowledge and government contacts for seamless operational set-up. By having the inner workings and insights on processes, you can be rest assured that your market set-up adheres to the regulations in the country.

Under the factor of capabilities, if you plan to leverage on more than one component of the MRA grant – overseas market promotion, overseas business development, and overseas market setup. As most MRA consultants only focus on one area of the grant, having a consultant that covers multiple scope of work would be ideal for a holistic service.

Paul Hype Page & Co MRA Grant Consultancy

At Paul Hype Page & Co, we specialise in bringing Singapore businesses out of the country and have a 100% record for all applications submitted to date. With strong experience in helping businesses globally to set up companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia, we understand the nuances of company incorporation and have the local knowledge to craft the most effective go-to-market strategy.

Here are some of our differentiators from other MRA consultants and how we value add to your expansion strategy:

1. Strategic expansion roadmap

We craft your expansion business proposal tailored to what Enterprise Singapore are looking for, including understanding your market entry requirements. This includes, but not all encompassing:

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Company registration
  • Work visa application
  • License applications
  • Corporate secretarial
  • Payroll
  • Corporate taxation
  • Accounting & auditing
  • HR consultancy
  • Branding & marketing
  • Business development outsourcing

2. Dedicated local support

As your trusted MRA grant consultant, you can expect end-to-end executional support and expert advice from local on-site project teams with a cumulative of 20+ years of experience. Beyond local support, our Singapore management team will guide you on your expansion journey.

3. Expert local knowledge that transcends

We believe the best way to grow is to share our local knowledge with our clients so that our clients have the right knowledge to operate the business in confidence. Be it from corporate taxation to locations for office setups, we see this as a collaboration.

4. Access to 360 operational support

Providing all-round operational support, our goal is to ensure that your market entry is seamless from the get-go and continue to support your business operations for years to come with adaptable services for unique client experiences.

Every client will have a minimum of 3:1 service support consisting of your business consultant, relationship manager, and local operations support.

5. Multi-dimensional services

As a full-fledged MRA grant consultant, we have different teams to assist with your market entry. Work with our market entry specialists consisting of chartered accountants and lawyers on your company incorporation, our in-house brand and marketing agency for your overseas market promotion, and also our business development (BD) team for outsourced BD needs.

Join us in our roundtable networking sessions held in our conservation shophouse with fellow Singapore business owners to understand more about expansion into other parts of Asia via the grant.


Get in touch with us virtually or come down to our office for a non-obligatory assessment session.


Can you appoint more than 1 MRA grant consultant?2022-11-07T11:11:05+08:00

Yes, you may appoint more than 1 MRA grant consultant for the full scope of supporting activities. However, you cannot appoint more than 1 MRA grant consultant on the same service category.

What is the role of an MRA grant consultant?2022-11-07T11:10:22+08:00

Depending on the category of the grant you are applying for, the MRA grant consultant will primarily cover the services covered under the supportable activities. Be sure to understand what they can offer as some MRA grant consultants only offer grant application and leave the on-ground work to a third party overseas.

How to know if a vendor is an MRA grant consultant?2022-11-07T11:09:30+08:00

There is currently no certification or clear identification of who are MRA grant consultants.

Are there pre-approved MRA grant consultants by Enterprise Singapore?2022-11-07T11:08:43+08:00

There are 4 pre-approved MRA grant consultants for in-depth FTA consultancy. You may check them out here.

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