Apply a Dependent pass for spouse, children and parents.

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Hello, I am currently holding EP for another company, and I would like to apply for EP under the company I am shareholder of. The company I own has been running for 2 years. Also, my spouse, children and parents are also here with me, and I will also like to apply dependent pass for them. What are the requirements and documents needed for the application? Thank you

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Hi Sandra,

If you have an employment pass under the company you are currently working at, you cannot hold another employment pass from another company. As a shareholder, you cannot apply for an employment pass unless you decide to work in the company.

Here are some individual/company requirements and documents for employment pass application:

1. - Earn a fixed monthly salary of more than $4,500 (differs for each individual).

2. - Have acceptable qualifications, a good university degree, professional qualifications, or special skills set.

3. Company requirements are very subjective, Ministry Of Manpower may ask for documents such as Company bank statements, Company business plans, etc.

Here's a website for a detailed elaboration about employment pass application 

For your spouse and children, they can apply for a dependant pass, while your parents can apply for an LTVP.

Here are the websites for more information:



Do contact us so we can better understand and advise your situation.


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