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kindly advise, please. I am a Foreigner who owns 60% of of Singapore company(pte ltd) since 4 years ago.

I can only come to SG 1 times per 4 months. 10 days in one time. So, there i van stay only 30 days in a year.

A)Can I apply EP by our company?

B) how much does it cost totally? (company side and my side cost)

Regards. john

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Paul Hype Page
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Hi John,

A) You can apply an employment pass under the your company if you are a director of the company. Shareholders are not eligible for employment pass as he/she does not have a job position.

B) The charges for employment pass application is SGD 800 per application. In the scenario where the first stage of application is rejected and we need to appeal, we will collect an additional SGD 500.

Once your employment pass application is approved, we will need to collect SGD 355 for card issuance including government fees.

We would love to have a call with you to further discuss and explain to you details! 

Feel free to WhatsApp +65 8483 3084



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