Applying PR in Singapore.

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I am a EU citizen married to a Singapore citizen. We live together in Europe and plan to do so for the foreseeable future, but I would like to apply for PR as we are planning to come to SG for short-term employments in the future and it might help to enter the country during COVID as well.

I recently graduated with a law degree but have no work experience yet. I did an internship in SG on a Work Pass before. Does it make sense to apply for PR from abroad now, or are the chances slim?

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Hi Momo,

You can apply PR when you are in Europe or in Singapore.

We will recommend you to work in Singapore for at least one year before you apply for PR. By working in Singapore, you are play a part in the country by paying tax. It is one of the considering factor for PR application.

We would love to have a call with you to further explain!


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