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Hi, I wish to enquire the following:
1) My EP Renewal got rejected and my existing employer is going to file an Appeal. I understand it takes 3 weeks to get the Appeal outcome. In this period of 3 weeks, provided I get an offer from some other company and this other company (future employer) is ready to file a fresh EP application, can my existing employer withdraw the Appeal before 3 weeks or they have to wait till the Appeal outcome is given by MOM (which can be 3 weeks atleast)

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Paul Hype Page
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Hi Dharmesh, Thank you for connecting with Paul Hype Page. You can have both EP applications underway at the same time as long as at the end of the day, you only choose one EP to hold, and cancel the other application. This means that while waiting for the appeal outcome with your existing employer, you can go ahead and file a new EP application with your future employer. Once you've received results from both applications, you will need to decide which EP (or which employer) you'll choose to work with.
If you choose to work with the new employer, you will need to cancel your current EP card first before the new employer may proceed with your new EP card issuance. The same goes if you chose to stay with your current employer, the new employer will need to cancel your IPA so the current employer may proceed with the card issuance.
For new EP application, we would be glad to assist you with it! Feel free to contact us if there is any queries :)


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