How and what kind of business can I start in training and assessment centres?

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Hi Team,

I would like to get the over view of how and what kind of business I can start into training and assessment centres in Singapore I am a DP holder and working as a project admin in Banking sector.

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Paul Hype Page
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Hi, For Dependant Pass holders, we will be able to facilitate you in obtaining a Letter of Consent to start the business and work as a director in the company but this options has its limitations! For more flexibility or full ownership of the compnay, we recommend you to proceed with the application for an Employment Pass.

You can set up a training and assesment centres with two options.
1. WSQ: The participants are able to claim training fees from the local government.
2. Non-WSQ: The participants will have to pay for the training sessions.

It is possible to set up training centres that are related to cooking, grooming and more! We would love to know more about your business plan to further advice you.


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