Need CMS licence to operate a wealth management firm

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I am looking forward to set a company in singapore and i would need CMS licence to operate a wealth management firm

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Paul Hype Page
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Setting up the company in Singapore will be a straightforward process. Take a look at for the different solutions. What is more complex is the CMS license. Apart from stringent assessment criterias, Your company will also need to appoint the following individuals:

  • Minimum of 2 directors, at least one is resident in Singapore.
  • Chief Executive Officer with least 10 years of relevant experience and is resident in Singapore.
  • Minimum of 2 full-time Singapore-based individuals for each regulated activity (except REIT management). Such individuals are required to be appointed as representatives under the SFA.

While Paul Hype Page can assist with a nominee director, our nominee directors are only for statutory and regulatory purposes. You will need to have your own operational directors and CEOs since they will be interviewed by MAS during the application process.


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