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Hi Dear,

Can you please let me know procedure to get EP/ WP for same organization transfer from one place to another, like I am residing in India and working in a MNC whose offices are across the globe. I wanted to take a open position internally in my organization in Singapore.

How should I proceed and what are chances to get pass approval.


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Paul Hype Page
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Hi Bhupender,

For employment pass application, MOM will assess you based on individual requirements (work experience, qualifications and the minimum salary should be at least SGD 4,500) and company requirements (Business activity of the comapany, contracts, etc).

After the employment pass is approved, you will be issued an in-principle approve that is valid for 6 months. Within this 6 months, you will need to arrive to Singapore.

Please note that due to COVID, you will need to serve 14 days of stay home notice before you are allowed to conduct any activity in the country.

Ultimately, you can get the company's HR to assist you with the employment pass application.

If you need someone to consult for a business opportunity, feel free to WhatsApp +65 8483 3084



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