Return EP pass to MOM after cancellation

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Do I need to return my EP card after cancellation to MOM?

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Paul Hype Page
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Hi there, thank you for reaching out to Paul Hype Page!

Based on the latest update on MOM website, you do not need to return your EP card after cancellation. Instead, please cut the pass card in half and discard it to prevent misuse.

To cancel the pass:

  1. Log in to myMOM Portal.
  2. For pass holders who are still in Singapore, you can request for a 30-day STVP to give them a valid stay in the meantime.
  3. The pass holder and you will both receive the STVP by email. The pass holder needs to show the STVP and a valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

Hope we have answered your query.

Do let us know if you have other questions or feel free to contact us!


Best regards,

Paul Hype Page


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