Should you hire a local or hire foreigners and having them relocate to Singapore?

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Should you hire a local or hire foreigners and having them relocate to Singapore? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring local employees?

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Hi Canadaescortspage,

This depends on the needs of your company. You may find the reasons for hiring locals or foreigners below.

Why do companies employ locals?

  1. Establish a better reputation for your company as you will be contributing to the local economy
  2. More cost-effective as there will be no relocation fees
  3. Locals have deeper insight to local culture and expertise that may be useful or needed for doing business

Why do companies employ foreigners?

  1. Tap on foreigners’ knowledge and insights for that particular country. For instance, if the company is expanding to Korea, you may want to consider hiring a Korean professional to help navigate your business.
  2. There may be a shortage of qualified talents in Singapore. In some cases, a specific industry may be highly advanced and developed in that particular field as compared to Singapore, like payment gateway software in Europe.

We recommend that you should consider all aspects and evaluate the need for hiring locals or foreigners in your business, including the relocation procedures for foreigners.

You may find more information here:

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