Tax Issue (SPR who work from home in Malaysia for Singapore company)

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Hi Paul Hype & Co, I have a quick tax issue not sure you can help to clarify. If I am Singapore PR and currently work from home in Malaysia.

My company recently force employee to go back Singapore and no longer allow to work from another country for more than 30 days , and they says this is due to taxation compliance. I want to check since I am PR, will there be any tax issue if I work from home from Malaysia?

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Hi Boon Wei, Thank you for reaching out to us.

Tax will be slightly more complex on both company and individual level for your case. There are two type of taxes, company and individual.

On a company level, your company may have tax obligation if there are business activities in Malaysia.

Whereas on an individual income tax level, there may be complication determining your tax residency, due to the difficultity to identify your main residence or permanent establishment is.

Generally, you will be a tax resident from where you stay and perform your work for more than 180 days. We have limited information here.

Thus, we would love to have a call to know more information and advise further.


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