Will my EP be cancelled?

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Hi! Due to Covid and work reasons, and some health (mental) issues, I am back in my home country for a few months but still on my local Singapore contract and payroll.

Question is, I may be staying in my home country for more than 6 months now due to covid. Can I check if I remain employed by the Singapore company and local contract but outsourced or seconded to work for our head office while being paid by Singapore, will my EP be cancelled ?

Can it remain valid despite that I am working for our head office since I am on local Singapore contract and payroll? Thanks!!

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Hi Stephen,

Your employment pass will still be valid as long as you are not terminated by the Singapore company.

You will need to take note of the renewal date of your employment pass if you still need to come to Singapore for work purposes. If you require assistance for employment pass renewal, we are happy to assist.

Our procedures and documentations are done online. Thus, there is no need for you to be present to complete the renewal process.

Do contact us to find out more!


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