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Approval of MOM Visa

Approval of MOM Visa

The Employment Pass Singapore is the most sought after work visa by entrepreneurs from all over the world who desire to live and work in Singapore. To become an Employment Pass holder, you would either need to be sponsored by an established Singapore employer, or incorporate a Singapore company.


If you would like to be sponsored by an employer, there are several employment agencies throughout Singapore that will be able to help you source for suitable positions. If you would like to incorporate a company and start a business in Singapore, Paul Hype Page is able to assist with our all-in-one Incorporation with Employment Pass package.


EP Holders will be allowed to freely travel in and out of the country without the need for an additional permit or visa. An EP application can either be lodged manually or online with the Ministry of Manpower.


Procedure and Timeline

We submit all Employment Pass applications electronically to Ministry of Manpower as the application process is short, and subsequently you will also learn of your application outcome sooner. Please follow these steps to complete the process:

  • To obtain authorisation code you have to submit an online application for new incorporated company.
  • Upon submission, it takes about 7-14 days for Ministry of Manpower to send the authorisation code.


You may also transact with MOM securely by lodging your application online. With the online submission of the application, it takes the Ministry of Manpower between 1-15 working days to process the application. After receiving the In-principle Approval notification, we will make arrangement for the collection of your EP.


Approval and Collection of Employment Pass

Once the application is approved, the Ministry of Manpower will issue an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter via email. The IPA letter must be produced after the collection of the EP at the Work Pass Division at Ministry of Manpower. An IPA letter is valid for six months from the date of notification of approval. To collect your EP you will be required to present:

  • A copy of the IPA letter
  • Recently taken passport size photograph
  • Original passport with the entry embarkation cards
  • Medical exam report* (if the In-Principle Approval states that you require one)
  • Any other documents that are requested in the approval letter


* You can get a medical examination done in your own country through an established clinic/hospital or in Singapore. Most clinics in Singapore can provide medical examination and report within a day.


Need to seek Professional Help?

At Paul Hype Page & Co. we have helped many clients with the application process and successfully helped many families relocate to Singapore.

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Paul Hype Page & Co. is an ACRA-certified business adviser. Our team of seasoned professional can help you set up a company in Singapore very quickly and easily following all legal entities, and offer you sound advice on how to make it successful too.

Whatever your needs, we invite you to contact us today to kick start your Singapore Business.