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How to Work as a Dependent Pass Holder in Singapore

Do you have a Dependent Pass in Singapore and want to start your own business or earn a passive income?

How to Work as a Dependent Pass Holder in Singapore

Expats working in Singapore often bring family members with them, who are then Dependent Pass holders. While your partner or spouse can legally work full-time, the job prospect for Dependent Pass holders are limited in Singapore.

We understand the anguish or hardship you go through living in a foreign land while hunting for a job or building up a circle of friends or network. There are many regulations that prevent Dependent Pass holders from holding full time employment in Singapore. The good news is there is now a new opportunity for Dependent Pass holders like you to start a part-time business and earn passive income.

By becoming an agent of Paul Hype Page, you can start making an income quickly while also growing your business and helping other entrepreneurs around the world. We will assist with your letter of consent to work legally as an agent of Paul Hype Page in Singapore.

Apply To Be an Agent of Paul Hype Page as a Dependent Pass Holder

Paul Hype Page offers dependent pass holders a way to earn a passive income as well as assistance with your registration of businesses in Singapore on dependent passes.  Becoming an agent of Paul Hype Page is a great way to ease into becoming your own boss in a foreign land, as you get the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs by referring them to register a business through the company.

The agent role is suitable for all dependent pass holders in Singapore because of the great income potential and flexible/remote working hours. Your role as an agent with Paul Hype Page is to identify and refer aspiring expat entrepreneurs in Singapore who want to start a business or incorporate a company in Singapore. You will get compensated for each referral on a commission basis for a period of up to three years.

If interested to find out more or apply to be an agent, please get in touch with us or attend one of the upcoming informational events below.