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Work pass holders (especially Employment Pass and S Pass) have the privilege to bring in certain family members under the Dependant’s Pass (DP). There are certain requirements the Employment Pass or S Pass holder has to meet before applying for Dependant’s Passes.

Once the main pass – Employment Pass or S Pass is approved, the DP application will be smooth from thereon.

What are the requirements to obtain Dependant Pass?

  • Employment Pass or S Pass holder
  • Earn a minimum of SGD$ 6,000 monthly
  • Are sponsored by an established, Singapore-registered Company (your employing Company)

If you’re an EntrePass holder, there’s a different requirement that needs to be met as follow:

To bring your Your total annual business spending must be at least You must employ at least
Spouse (common-law or legally married)


$100,000 3 LQS (full-time employees, formerly known as FTE)


1 local PME (professional, manager or executive)

Parents $200,000 6 LQS


2 local PMEs

Those who meet the criteria are eligible to bring in certain family members:

Dependant’s Pass Holder

  • Legally married spouse (Marriage certificate is needed to apply)
  • Unmarried children under 21 years old, including those legally adopted

Long Term Visit Pass – Issued by MOM

  • Common-law spouse
  • Unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old
  • Unmarried stepchildren under 21 years old
  • Parents of EP holder

What are the documents needed to apply Dependant Pass?

There are two parts for this section:


  • Marriage certificate (State EP holder full name and partner)
  • Latest passport copy
  • Education certificate
  • Previous work pass (EP / S Pass / DP / WP – if any)


  • Latest passport copy
  • Previous Singapore visa (DP – if any)
  • Health Promotion Board (HPB) report – Foreign born children under the age of 12 years old will need to apply this via the National Immunisation Registry before we can proceed with the DP application

  • If applicant will be studying in Singapore, school information as well as estimated start and end date is needed (Nursery not included)

Applicants who hold non-English documents or certificates are required to submit a copy of the original papers and the official English translation certified by the respective embassy.

What is the timeline for a Dependant Pass application?

Once the Employment Pass / S Pass is approved and an In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter is issued by MOM, you can submit an application for a Dependant Pass.

The standard timeline needed for MOM to assess the initial application submitted will be 1 to 3 weeks.

How can Dependant Pass work in Singapore?

Previously, all dependant pass holders who wish to work in Singapore can apply Letter of Consent (LOC) to start working.

However, effective from May 2021, MOM has revised the dependant pass legal framework and stated that Dependant Pass holders are no longer given the privilege to work via Letter of Consent (LOC), but instead, must apply a valid work pass.

Here are the ways to do so depending on your current situation – an employee or a business owner.

For dependent pass holders who are currently working in a Singapore-registered company

You should request for their employing company to apply for a work pass such as the Employment Pass, S Pass or Work Permit (WP).

Pass Type Employment Pass S Pass Work Permit (WP)
Who is it for? Foreign professionals, managers, and executives to work in Singapore registered Company Mid-skilled foreign employees Semi-skilled foreign workers from approved source countries
Who can apply? Employer or appointed agent Employer or appointed agent Employer or appointed agent
Duration of the pass? 1 to 3 years Up to 2 years Up to 2 years, depending on validity of passport, security bond and employment period
Salary range? SGD$ 5,000 above SGD$ 3,000 No minimum salary
Renewable? Yes Yes Yes
Can bring in family members? Yes Yes No
Foreign worker levy or quota? None Yes, employers are subject to quota and levy Employers are limited by quota for their industry and must pay monthly levy for each worker
Medical insurance None Yes, employers must provide medical insurance Yes, employers must provide medical insurance

*These salaries are effective from Sep 2022.

For Dependant Pass holders who are business owners:

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has specific conditions for LOC – DP holder to oblige if they wish to continue running their business without applying for Employment Pass (EP). The two conditions are:

  • A sole proprietor/partner/one of the Director of an ACRA registered Company with at least 30% of shares within the Company

  • The Company has at least one local Singapore or PR employee earning at least SGD$ 1,400 with CPF contribution for the recent 3 months

Steps to apply Letter of Consent (LOC) for DP holders:

  • Employer or appointed third party agent is able to submit an online request to apply the Letter of Consent (LOC) on behalf of the dependant pass (DP) holder. This submission is for both new application as well as renewal application.
  • Once application is made, MOM will need at least 1 week to assess the application made before an outcome is furnished via email to requester.
  • If the online request is approved by MOM, the requester is now allowed to proceed with putting in a new LOC application / renewal LOC application via EP Online.
  • Once application is submitted via EP Online, MOM will need another 1 to 3 weeks to assess the application made.
  • Once approved, the requester may retrieve the LOC confirmation letter via EP Online and the candidate can start working immediately after that.

For Dependant Pass (DP) holders who have the intention to start a business, there are two options available:

  • Incorporate a Company and apply an employment pass to be the sole owner of said Company [Highly recommended solution]
  • Incorporate a Company and become a sole proprietor or partner or one of the directors who holds at least 30% of shares within the Company. The Company must also have at least one Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR) employee who earns SGD$1,400 with CPF contribution for the next 3 months

Converting your Singapore Dependant’s Pass to Employment Pass

Traditionally, DP holders opted for LOC instead of Employment Pass because of the rigid requirements and they are unable to furnish most of the potential documentation needed to support the application.

If you have an existing business

If your business has been operational for a few months to a year while you were on LOC, you definitely have the chance to boost for an EP approval. As an active company, you would be able to provide these:

  • Tax filing records with IRAS
  • Annual return filing records with ACRA
  • Proof of invoice issued to clients
  • Proof of payments made into company bank account

MOM can track the Company records such as tax filing and annual return filing via ACRA and IRAS directly. Then, since your Company has managed to secure and maintain contracts with your clients throughout the years, it will be a piece of cake to furnish them the proof of documentations needed.

If you wish to start your own new business

DP holders in Singapore who wish to start a new business have two prominent advantages in applying for an EP:

  • Physical presence in Singapore allows you to search for business opportunities or clients easier
  • Easily open a company bank account to inject paid up capital
Wan Yi

There will be two scenarios on the documentations:

Existing LOC holder with Active Company:

  • Dependant pass (front and back) – Ensure still valid for at least 6 months
  • Latest passport copy
  • Latest Company ACRA bizfile
  • Education certificate (If its not in English, kindly furnish the official translated copy together with the original copy)
  • Membership card (if any)
  • Contracts secured with clients – Ensure the duration and contract value is available
  • Tenancy agreement

DP holder who wishes to incorporate a Company:

  • Dependant pass (front and back) – Ensure still valid for at least 6 months
  • Latest passport copy
  • Latest Company ACRA bizfile
  • Education certificate (If its not in English, kindly furnish the official translated copy together with the original copy)
  • Membership card (if any)
  • Business plan
  • Letter of intents with potential clients
  • Tenancy agreement

I am not a Degree holder, will I have the chance to hold an Employment Pass?

If you’re currently holding an LOC to operate your business, then yes, you definitely have the chance.

MOM will be most likely to request additional documents to support your Employment Pass application. By engaging with Paul Hype Page team, we will ensure that the documents requested by MOM are well prepared according to the guideline and ensure it covers the potential red flags to smoothen the EP process.

I have tried applying for an Employment Pass before and it was rejected. How will engaging Paul Hype Page make a difference?

Paul Hype Page has continuously been processing Employment Passes for clients, while maintaining high 85% success rates. This is largely contributed by our insight:

  • We identify potential documents MOM would likely request
  • Preparation of documents based on MOM guidelines (we know what they want to see)
  • Our working templates for business plans etc. To help you along
  • Customised tenancy agreements
  • Funding solutions

Overall, our mission has always been to find solutions for our clients. If MOM were to reject the application, we will discuss with MOM to understand further on the reason behind it and prepare the expected documentations to boost up the approval chance.

Wan Yi


As a Company Shareholder can I Apply for Employment Pass?2020-06-22T14:49:13+08:00

Can, if you are already a company shareholder.

Can Dependent Pass Holder Start A Business In Singapore2020-06-22T14:48:45+08:00

As a DP holder, you can own a Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd) in Singapore. There are several advantages choosing to incorporate a Private Limited Company. A Pte Ltd enjoys more favorable tax rates, legal protection and easier access to capital. The downside of a Private Limited Company is they come with high compliance and operation costs.

What is a Dependant Pass?2020-06-22T14:47:11+08:00

Dependant Pass (DP) is a permit that allows spouses and kids of individuals who possess an Employment Pass or SPass to join them in Singapore. Legally married partners and children who are under the age of 21 are allowed to apply for this permit. However, holders of the employment pass must be earning a minimum of S$6,000 per month (as of 1 January 2018) for them to bring their dependents into this country.

NOTE: If a member of your immediate family (spouse and children) is a holder of the Singapore S Pass, he or she will not qualify for a Dependant Permit (DP).

An individual with a DP is eligible for employment in any organization or industry in Singapore. The marriage partner of an individual with employment pass (EP) can get a Letter of Consent to work in Singapore.

Before you can be issued with a Dependant Pass, you must meet certain criteria:



Come down to our office or get in touch virtually for an incorporation assessment today.

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