Many new business owners in Singapore would like to reduce their business setup costs by entering a business field in which setup costs are fairly low.

Most Inexpensive Business Fields in SG

There are many people in Singapore who have never started their own business before but plan to do so. For such people, Singapore is a suitable place in which one may begin a career as a business owner because of the positive business environment and thriving economy of the country. Of course, for those starting a business for the first time as well as those who are not endowed with vast reserves of wealth, it is more advisable to start a business in a field in which business establishment is relatively inexpensive. Fortunately for such people, there are certain business fields in Singapore which do not require one to have large amounts of money. There are many successful businesses in these fields which were not created from an exorbitant budget. Therefore, the relative lack of significant financial investment, making them easy to start almost immediately.

Regardless of the initial cost of your business, you might nevertheless be interested in starting a business of your own in Singapore. For the setup of your new Singapore-based business, we at Paul Hype Page & Co are always willing to provide our services.

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Direct Sales Companies

One of the business fields in Singapore with a relatively low cost of company setup is that of direct sales. In the past, those involved with direct sales had to be physically present to sell their products; however, due to technological development, such no longer has to be the case. Direct sales companies in Singapore are relatively inexpensive to establish because they do not require the use of distribution centers or wholesalers for the products to be sold.

Consultancy Firms

Those who start a consultancy firm in Singapore are generally able to provide significant amounts of knowledge and experience which are intended to help businesses and those involved with businesses to achieve better results in any area in which improvement is required. The costs associated with starting a consultancy firm can be fairly low if one does not overspend on marketing materials as well as travel for the purposes of networking with potential clients.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Tuition Centers

Many students across Singapore attend tuition centers in order to either improve their understanding of a subject, to prepare for an examination, or both. One can reduce the cost of starting a tuition center in Singapore by networking with figures experienced in education as well as certain organizations. It must, however, be noted that certain licenses must be obtained by one who plans to start a Singapore-based tuition center.


Website Design and Development Businesses

The demand for website design and development businesses in Singapore has been increasing in recent times. It does not cost all that much money to start a business in this field. The only truly necessary expenses are that of the computer, a stable Internet connection, and any necessary software. Finding clients is also not difficult due to the growing demand for high-quality and well-crafted websites.

It has clearly been shown that the setup of a business based in Singapore does not have to be an expensive endeavor. However, those who plan to start a Singapore-based business while only spending a limited amount of money must first have an adequate financial plan for the business in place. Businesses which do not have such will often find themselves in financial troubles at some point; some might even be forced to close due to their financial problems.
Perhaps you might need a suitable financial plan for the business which you are planning to start. If you do, we at Paul Hype Page & Co are able to assist you with the creation of such a plan. We have much knowledge about Singapore’s business environment and economic condition and will therefore leverage this knowledge towards the creation of a financial plan which will allow you to set up your business at the lowest possible cost.