How To Convert Foreign Driving License In Singapore?

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If you are looking to convert your foreign driving license in Singapore, there are a few things to note. From the types of Singapore driving licenses available, foreign driving license laws to the procedure of converting your foreign driving license, there are strict protocols to keep our roads safe.

Whether you are a business owner who incorporated a company in Singapore or are here on a work visa, the conversion of your foreign driving license is the same.

Types of Singapore Driving Licenses

In Singapore, there are 11 classes of driving licenses, each tailored to the necessary skills to operate the vehicles.

Class 1 Licenses  Invalid carriages and only can be obtained by those with physical disabilities 
Class 2, 2A & 2B Licenses  For motorcycles only 
Class 3, 3A, 3CA & 3C Licenses  For cars only 
Class 4A Licenses  Right to drive a bus 
Class 4 & 5 Licenses  Right to drive heavy motor vehicles such as trucks or large vans 

Aside from these license classes, there are 3 types of driving licenses based on the driver’s level of driving experience.

  • Provisional Driving License – for those who are learning to drive in a driving school and have passed the Basic Theory Test

  • Qualified Driving License – for those who passed the Practical Driving Test and will be under probation for one year

  • Vocational Driving License – meant for commercial private hire cars, taxis, and bus drivers


Foreign Driving License Laws in Singapore

If you’re a foreigner who owns a foreign driving license, you are allowed to drive in Singapore if you fulfil these criteria, but this is only applies for a period of only 1 year. You will be required to have a Singapore license after the 1-year period to drive in Singapore.

  • 18 years old and above 
  • Holds a Dependant’s Pass, Student Pass or Work Pass 
  • Foreign driving license owned is in one of these classes – 3A, 3, or 2B  

Only citizens and permanent residents with a valid Singapore driving license can drive. For those who have just become citizens or permanent residents, you will need to convert your foreign driving license into Singapore equivalents within three months of becoming a permanent resident or citizen.

How to Convert a Foreign Driving License to a Singapore Driving License

To convert your foreign driving license to a Singapore driving license, you must first pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT). This test can be booked at an approved driving centre or online.

The next step to obtain your license is to:

  • Apply for conversion at a Traffic Police Test Centre counter – this must be made in person
  • Prepare and bring all the following documents when applying:

    • Original version and photocopy of your NRIC, entry permit, Employment Pass, Dependant’s Pass, social visit pass, or work permit
    • Original version and photocopy of your foreign driving license
    • Passport-size coloured photographic of yourself with a white background and looking straight
    • S$50 for processing fee

International driving permit or an official English translation of the license is required unless it is from Brunei, Malaysia, or Indonesia.

The validity of the license is 5 years from the date of issuance and will be required to renew within 1 month of its expiry date.

Singaporeans/ PRs Who Own Foreign Driving Licenses

More steps are required by Singaporeans or permanent residents who have a foreign driving license. The requirements include:

  • Proof that they have worked or studied abroad for a min. duration of 1 year

  • Proof that they have lived abroad for at least 6 months of a 12-month period

  • If expired, a written extract from the relevant authorities is required with information such as:

    • Date the foreign driving test was passed 
    • Issue date  
    • Class of license obtained 
    • Current driving record  

Life in Singapore as an Expat

Most expats come here to work or set up their own company in Singapore. If you’re looking to make your move to Singapore, or for employment pass renewal, we have dedicated professionals who can take care of this for you.


Come down to our office or get in touch virtually for a consultation on your potentially new company setup with employment pass.


Is the transport system in Singapore easily accessible?2021-09-15T13:24:32+08:00

Singapore has one of the strongest transport infrastructures. Public transportation is easily accessible and gets you around the city fast.

What do I need to do as a probatory driver?2021-08-21T23:38:13+08:00

You will be required to display a Probation Plate on both the front and rear windscreens on their vehicle during the probatory period.

How long is the probation period once I received my Singapore driving license?2021-08-21T23:37:47+08:00

The probation period is 1 year. During this period, you are not to accumulate more than 12 demerit points or will be at a risk of permanently losing the right to drive in Singapore.

How long is my driving license valid for If I am a Singaporean or permanent resident who converted my foreign driving license?2021-08-21T23:37:20+08:00

If you are a Singaporean or permanent resident, and have converted your foerign driving license, the license is valid for life.

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