• Starting an E-Commerce Business in Singapore 

An e-commerce business is one of the fastest-growing areas of conducting business in the world. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people prefer online shopping in the comfort of their homes. The article will guide you on how to start an e-commerce business in Singapore.

What to Sell?

Understanding what to sell is the key factor in whether your business will succeed or fail. As the market is ever-changing, you would need to sell products that the customers will constantly buy. There is no perfect formula for this, thus making the proper market research before starting your E-commerce business will be beneficial.

The process of choosing the type of commodity to sell in Singapore depends on several factors. Let’s consider some of the factors that will help you decide:

  1. The amount of capital
    The amount of capital available is essential for your success or failure in any business. Some businesses require much while others will require no capital to operate.
  2. Your experience
    The level of experience that you have in a business will help you succeed or make you fail in doing a business. You should consider doing business that you have the experience to help you cut on the operation and management costs. These, among others, will help you choose what you can sell in your e-commerce store.
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Selecting the Perfect Brand Name

An eye-striking or memorable brand name will help retain the business in the minds of potential consumers. For example, big retail companies such as Apple and Nike, have a short, yet simple name that resonates in the minds of consumers.  This also another important factor to take note of when starting your E-Commerce business.

Incorporate the Business

Registering your company in Singapore is a tedious process. There are various requirements and procedures to be met during the incorporation process. It would be best to engage a professional service provider to assist you in the procedure.

Paul Hype Page has expertise in the incorporation of businesses. We can help you grow your business, by providing the necessary services to incorporate your E-Commerce business.

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Choose Your Vendors Wisely

To stay profitable, it will be beneficial to engage suppliers and vendors at a lower cost. One way of doing so is making the right connections and forming strong relationships. By always going back to the same vendor for your products, it may be possible to obtain a premium price for your goods.

Create the Right Web-Store

Having a clean and simple web-store provides an easier shopping experience for the customers. To do so, you may engage a professional service provider with help in creating the perfect web-store. Paul Hype Page has experience working with various clients with knowledge in web design and we can assist in this field.

Market Your Business

As your E-Commerce business is online, using online platforms to market your business would be impactful. Some digital marketing platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

For example, engaging in landing web-store for your advertisements. This allows potential customers to reach your site immediately, allowing you to showcase your products to them directly.

Post-Transaction Customer Support

Having a good customer relationship will boost your brand’s image in the targeted market. Existing customers may look for post-transaction support, such as product explanation, customer support, any other post-transaction questions.

This will provide a positive image for your brand, generating good word of mouth from existing customers to their peers to further generating customers to frequent your site.

Starting an E-Commerce Business in Singapore  FAQs

Is it easy to start a business in Singapore?2020-12-02T10:53:40+08:00

The process of starting a business is simple and straightforward if you know the incorporation requirements and procedures well. If you are not sure, set up an appointment with one of the incorporation experts of Paul Hype Page today.

Which products are in high demand in Singapore that I can sell online?2020-12-02T10:53:11+08:00

To start an e-commerce business in Singapore, you can consider any of these options:

  1. Personal care
  2. Consumer electronics
  3. Fashion and beauty products
  4. Toys, etc.
What is the process of starting an e-commerce business in Singapore?2020-12-02T10:52:40+08:00

If you want to start an e-commerce business in Singapore, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Plan for your business
  2. Incorporate your business and obtain licensing
  3. Build a website and market it using relevant SEO and keyword
  4. Offer customer support
  5. Manage and file your taxes.
Do I need to incorporate a business before starting an e-commerce business in Singapore?2020-12-02T10:50:47+08:00

Yes, all businesses including e-commerce businesses in Singapore should be incorporated as required by ACRA. You will also have to file all your taxes and find relevant permits for your business. 

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