• Singaporeans Can Purchase Insurance in Other Countries

Many Singaporean citizens and permanent residents purchase insurance from insurance companies based in foreign countries for their own protection. Insurance plans from abroad are able to protect Singaporeans in the same way that local insurance plans do.

Singaporeans Can Purchase Insurance in Other Countries

Globalization has affected every area of life all over the world today. Interaction between countries and their respective citizens has reached unprecedented levels because of the increase in connectivity between the various countries of the world. Thus, it has become more possible than ever before for people to leave their respective home countries to seek new challenges and experiences abroad. Therefore, the number of foreigners who have arrived in Singapore has increased in recent years and is expected to continue doing so. Foreigners who choose to move to Singapore also have the option of purchasing an insurance plan there. In fact, all foreigners who move there are advised to do so because just as is the case anywhere else in the world, there are no guarantees that they will never experience any severe adverse circumstances after having done so. For this reason, every foreigner who moves to Singapore ought to purchase an insurance plan while there.

Similarly, there are also many Singaporeans who plan to head for a foreign country. Some leave the country on a short-term basis; others on either a long-term or permanent one. Just as every foreigner who moves to Singapore should consider purchasing insurance in Singapore, so every Singaporean who moves abroad should give thought towards purchasing insurance in the country for which they are bound.

Everyone who lives in Singapore and has plans to travel to any other country for any reason needs to ensure that their insurance needs will be fully satisfied when they are in the foreign country. Before they leave the country, especially in the case of those leaving on a long-term or permanent basis, Singaporeans must consider purchasing insurance in that country which will help them cover their health, travel, and medical needs. For this reason, Singaporeans ought to purchase insurance in other countries which they deem to be suitable by purchasing any insurance plans which provide all necessary coverage. Once the insurance has been purchased, the Singaporean purchaser will be just as well-protected in the other country in the same way as in Singapore, assuming that the purchaser already owns a Singaporean insurance plan.

Another reason why one ought to purchase insurance before leaving Singapore on a long-term basis is that many of the benefits provided by insurance plans which have been purchased in Singapore are only applicable when the purchaser is within Singaporean borders. For this reason, a Singaporean who has gone abroad and faces an emergency or medical issue while not having an insurance plan of the other country will have to suffer a severe financial loss. Therefore, Singaporeans who are leaving the country on a long-term basis ought to purchase insurance in that country so that they will be adequately covered in times of difficulty which will inevitably arise during their time abroad.


Ownership of Insurance in Singapore and Other Countries at the Same Time

It is possible for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to own insurance coverage in Singapore and another country at the same time. However, before they may do so, there are

specific terms and conditions by which prospective insurance owners are to abide. Nevertheless, they ought to utilize the services of an insurance company in the country for which they are bound which provides a sufficient degree of insurance coverage. It is important to ensure that the insurance coverage purchased will provide the necessary level of protection regardless of the country in which the purchaser is. In this way, anyone who faces hardships abroad which are covered by insurance will not need to have any concerns about the financial loss which they would otherwise suffer.

Singaporean citizens and permanent residents who are using international insurance have an additional advantage because they may claim the benefits of their insurance policy in any location and at any time. International insurance differs from local insurance because local insurance is only in effect when its purchaser is in Singapore unless certain circumstances apply. For this reason, it might be advisable to purchase an international insurance plan, especially if one is headed for a country in which it might not always be easy to find or purchase an insurance plan which covers all of one’s needs.

Foreigners who live in Singapore and are able to afford international insurance also ought to do so for the same reason. Whether purchased by a Singaporean abroad or by a foreigner in Singapore, international insurance benefits may be claimed regardless of where in the world its purchaser may happen to be at any time. Therefore, foreigners in Singapore ought to purchase an international insurance plans which will provide them with sufficient protection.

Advantages of Purchasing Insurance in Multiple Countries

There are several advantages afforded to Singaporeans who have chosen to purchase insurance in multiple countries. Ownership of insurance in multiple countries can do much to cover the expenses which a person may incur for the purposes of medical treatment or the purchase of travel insurance for the funding of any future travel plans. Insurance policies which protect a person in multiple countries will permit them to manage the health and medical costs which would otherwise be incurred. Life insurance, personal accident insurance, and pet insurance are other forms of insurance which may be purchased in other countries.

Another advantage possessed by a Singaporean who owns insurance in more than one country exists in the context of Singaporean employees of a Singapore-based company. If such a company sends its employees to foreign countries and any loss occurs, the insurance in multiple countries will provide ample coverage for all losses. In this way, neither the purchaser nor the purchaser’s company will suffer a significant financial loss. In addition to this fact, any Singaporean employee who has to frequently travel to other countries for business purposes will benefit from the ownership of insurance in multiple countries at the same time. This is because the purchase of high-quality, reputable travel insurance plans in multiple countries will allow for full coverage of all required travel expenses, thus sparing the purchaser of the insurance from incurring substantial charges.

By purchasing insurance in multiple countries, Singaporeans can be fully reimbursed by insurance companies, whether those in Singapore or abroad, for any costs which would otherwise have been incurred. Furthermore, certain insurance plans make allowances for those who have pre-existing conditions. Those who have such conditions might opt to purchase such a plan so as to receive an additional form of coverage. Thus, it has clearly been shown that any Singaporean who can afford to own insurance in more than one country at the same time should do so because of the myriad of benefits which such ownership provides.

Foreigners who live in Singapore also benefit from simultaneously owning insurance in more than one country. The benefits of the insurance plan which is purchased in Singapore may be combined with those of the insurance plan which is purchased in their home country; in this way, a greater number of areas will be covered by a combination of the forms of protection collectively offered by the multiple insurance plans.


Laws Governing Ownership of Insurance

The national laws of the country in which the insurance policy is purchased govern the ownership of insurance in any specific country. Such laws are intended to safeguard the insurer against any unlawful activities committed by the insurance company. These laws also serve as a form of protection for insurance companies by shielding them from any losses which they incur because of the insurer.

Many countries also impose market regulations with regard to insurance policies. Such market regulations do much to ensure that the policyholders will not suffer any fraud at the hands of the insurance company from which the insurance policy is purchased. Regulatory agencies all over the world work to enforce specific laws which provide much safety to policyholders. Such laws are in effect to bring about the use of fair practices. These market regulations also ensure that the insurance provider covers the expenses of the insured person. The insurance company will pay the full amount to either the policyholder or policyholder’s nominee in the instance of any untoward incident.

The benefits of these laws can be seen in the fact that neither the insurer nor the insured have to face any losses which will cause a significant financial burden to be imposed. All parties involved are to act in a manner according to the laws of the country in which the insurance policy is purchased. Doing so would lead to many positive outcomes.



Ownership of insurance is essential for any Singaporean who has the intent of moving abroad and remaining there for an extended period of time. Those who own such insurance will be able to avoid paying much money when certain unfortunate circumstances occur. For this reason, such Singaporeans who spend or will be spending a great deal of time abroad should carefully consider which insurance plans are to be purchased, then purchase an insurance plan in they country for which they are headed after determining which one is the most suitable for their current needs.

Purchase of Foreign Insurance by Singaporeans FAQs

Is it easier for a Singaporean who is a PR of another country to obtain that country’s insurance?2020-06-23T18:02:22+08:00

In most situations, one’s status as a permanent resident of a country does not affect one’s ability to purchase insurance in a particular country. However, those who have committed certain violations in the past might find it more difficult or even impossible to obtain a suitable insurance plan in certain countries. This fact applies regardless of one’s status as a citizen, permanent resident, or neither

Are there any countries in which Singaporeans are barred from purchasing insurance?2020-06-23T18:01:28+08:00

The purchase of insurance by Singaporeans or by people of any nationality is not usually restricted by the country of origin or citizenship of the purchaser. However, some Singaporeans may be barred from purchasing insurance from certain insurance companies abroad because of past legal or other violations which they might have committed whether in Singapore, the country in which the insurance policy provides coverage, or any other country.

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