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What To Do & Why, When a Singapore PR Application is Rejected?

When a Singapore PR Application is Rejected

Since the Singapore government have tightened immigration laws, it pays to be more diligent when applying for your Singapore PR. Unfortunately, there are cases whereby a PR application will be rejected. Although the ICA does not release any specific criteria as a guideline, there are obvious reasons why your Singapore PR is rejected. For starters, you could possibly have missed out on something in your application i.e. certain parts of the form left unfilled, documents not handed in together with the application, etc.

Since the Singapore government are looking for foreign talent, you would need to ensure that your application does showcase your ability, professional experience and educational qualification. A big chunk of the application form consists of a section where you are supposed to fill in your work history. Be mindful when filling in this part of the form because anything which is unclear or perceived to be suspicious will be questioned. Your application will only be successful if have skills or previous jobs that matches what Singapore needs from its expats.

If you were unfortunate enough to have your Singapore PR application rejected, don’t worry because you are not alone. Although this means that your dream to live and work in Singapore has to be put on hold for the time being, it is not the end of the world. There are avenues for you to make an appeal for the application. There is definitely a chance that your application will be successful the second time round.

Alternatively, you should also evaluate if you have the proper skills and qualities that the Singapore government are looking for in new immigrants. If being a Singapore PR is so important, you should take the effort to conduct a little research and find out the skills that are in demand at the moment. Try to move out of the “foreign worker” box and instead become a “foreign talent”. This will be a big help in ensuring that your subsequent application for a Singapore PR is successful.


Foreigner Seeking Relocation to Singapore

The common mistake for first time foreigner who relocate to Singapore is not applying the best working visa available such as Entrepass or Employment Pass Visa and place oneself in one of the thousands “foreign worker” category.  It has a serious impact on their PR application subsequently. To differentiate, one has to try to move out of the “foreign worker” box and instead become a “foreign talent”.  How to do that ?

One can consider being your own boss, Singapore pro business incentive will fund 60% of your start up cost if foreigner business owner or entrepreneur relocate their business to Singapore, Click to see our PIC tax incentive scheme that will help you in your business relocation. For further information to set up Singapore business , please refer to the following useful links:

1) Type of Singapore Business Incorporation

2) Singapore Company Tax

3) Singapore Business Guide for licenses, yearly Singapore company compliance and relevant business information

Further, you also need to consider of moving your assets to Singapore to demonstrate your commitment however  it can be complicated as its involve cross border tax issue. You might be unaware of your tax residence status, how to avoid double taxation and yearly tax reporting requirements. Let our experienced  tax consultant assists you in your international tax planning to lower down your overall tax position. For further information on relocation tax planning, please refer to the following useful links:

1) Singapore Personal Tax

2) Singapore Double  Tax Treaty assists you business relocation to Singapore

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Posted on January 10, 2013 at 1:40 am
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LAKSHMI .N.K says:

Hi, My husband worked at Singapore for 9 years till 2016 November..He worked at DELL.He completed MCA .He was a P2 holder.We applied for both of us at 2015..My husband applied already 2 times before getting married.And my daughter was born in singapore at 2015.She is SG50 baby.. But unfortunately it get rejected.. Now we are in india and trying job in singapore..Is there any chance?
really i fell bad and i want to bring up my child in singapore
I’m waiting for your kind reply…

Paul says:

Dear Lakshmi,

You may consider setting up your own company in Singapore as an option. We have an all-in-one Incorporation with Employment Pass package which encompasses everything you need to get started in Singapore quickly and efficiently. If you would like to explore this option, do drop us an email at and our dedicated Corporate Specialist will get back to you.

Best Regards,

Haja says:

I am an indian. I am working in singapore post at last 5 yrz. Shall i eligible for apply singapoee PR? Plz give some tips for apply singapore PR.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Haja,

You may check MOM’s website for the full list of migration criteria. Your approval would depend on the ICA’s criteria and what they look for in the individual’s application. Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Srikanth says:

Hi, pls advice
I’m a Indian, male, Indian nationality, Hindu
Holding spass currently, as a planning executive,
Fixed monthly basic 2700S$
Expiry date will be 08/01/2018
For pass 3.8years working in same company without taking any leaves or MC, and only once went back to India in the pass 3.8years.
I joined in this company on 08/02/2014 to still in same company.
But my employer had applied worke permit for the first 1year after that upgrade to spass two times.

Highest ducational qualification: computer science engineering(B.Tech degree)
One of the Indian university which is recognized by Singapore MOE list of universities

I completed my degree in apr 2013 and
Got a opportunity in Singapore to work 20 sep 2013, so my total working experience is only 4years but the 4years experience in Singapore.

I awarded of some of the two days courses like fire fighter for respond fire accidents, first aider, internal aduter level1 for ohsas QA, and halal foundation course non supervisory level1.

And I’m just 3months back joined in Singapore Red Cross as youth member/volunteer.

And my previous employer also from Singapore
First I joined this company as training employee by holding training employment pass for 4minths.
Including the 4minths training period,
I have been staying in Singapore for 4 years.

One more thing is both of my previous and current employers also very possitive to me and still encouraging me for grow step by step in their companies and settle here.
The company CEO also ready to give me any kind of letter for me if it will helpful and he advices me
They want to promote me to another lever land that will help for my PR application in future.

Pls advice, what are my chances of my PR approval and what should I better to improve in my side.
My ICA appointmt date will be 11/10/2017.

Thank you.

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Srikanth,

We are unable to advise further as to what your chances are for PR approval as it would depend on the ICA’s criteria and what they look for in the individual’s application. Some applications may take longer to process, so you would need to follow up with the relevant authorities to check the status of your application from time to time.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Uma Thevi says:

HI there, I applied for my PR in Dec 2016. I applied for my whole family, me, my husband and our 2 children. On Aug 2017, i rcv the letter saying our PR application not successful. I am a S Pass holder. My S pass validity is 5 yrs. I am working in Spore for the last 20 yrs. My husband is a work permit holder. Both my kids are studying in Malaysia. Can i reappeal? What is the process for appeal? Can i only apply PR first? Please assist.

elise says:

Hi Uma,

Sorry to hear that. You may try to appeal or attempt to apply for a PR for yourself first. That may help.

Best Regards,

Lim Cai Tee says:

My pr application unsuccessful, kindly advise what i need to do

Pls reply to my email


Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Lim,

For PR matters, you will need to refer directly to ICA.

Good Luck,



Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Sujeeta,

The best option would be through getting employment here and then applying for a PR status after a couple of years. You may check MOM’s website for the full list of migration criteria.

Do drop us an email at if you need further assistance on securing Employment Passes. Have a great day ahead.


Dewi Kartika says:

I’m an Indonesian Chinese and have been working in Singapore since Jan 2008, I completed my Diploma with 6 High Distinctions and 2 Distinctions and applied my PR for the 4th time on this year 1 Aug, but still being rejected.

I’m really disappointed and sad, how to appeal for this?