When can I cancel my Employment pass ? Here are the examples and guide when you no longer require an employment pass, ensure that all issues related to your pass are settled before cancelling.

When can I cancel Employment Pass in Singapore

You must cancel your Employment Pass (EP) if:

  1. You plan to resign your existing employment and leave Singapore permanently
  2. You are retrenched by existing employer and wish to leave Singapore permanently
  3. You plan to resign from your existing employment and join a new employer in Singapore
  4. You want to resign from your existing employment to start your own business in Singapore 
  5. You are retrenched by your existing employer and wish to find alternative employment in Singapore

Cancel Employment Pass

If you wish to leave Singapore permanently due to job resignation or retrenchment by your current company, you must make sure you cancel employment pass along with any dependants’ pass attached to your Employment Pass.

You are required to cancel your Employment Pass and other related passes such as the Dependants’ Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass in advance of your last day which is usually when you submit your resignation or as soon as your employer announces your termination or retrenchment.

Your Employment Pass will be cancelled on the last day of your employment and after that, you and your dependants are not allowed to stay in Singapore unless you have been issued any alternative valid pass to remain here.

But if your resignation or termination is sudden and there is not enough notice period before your last day, then you have 7 days from the date of termination to cancel your EP and other related pass. During this period, if you and your dependants are in Singapore, you will be issued a 30-day Short Term Visit Pass (STVP). This STVP allows you to stay here temporarily to settle your departure and you will need to return this pass when you leave Singapore.

If you wish to join a new employer, you will need to cancel your Employment Pass with the current employer and since Employment Pass is tied to a specific employer, your new employer must apply the Employment Pass again for you. It is only rational to wait for the approval of your new Employment Pass before cancelling your existing pass and the same applies if you wish to start your own business in Singapore but for this, you must apply for the relevant work pass.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Cancellation of Employment Pass Formalities to Settle

There are few legal formalities that you will need to perform if you plan to leave Singapore permanently. Before you leave, you need to make sure that you clear all your tax dues. Normally, your employer will assist in the tax clearance on your behalf.

Other aspect you need to settle is your accommodation. If you are living in rented house, you need to inform your landlord and settle any payments and collect your deposit. You will also need to close your accounts with the utility providers such as Singtel, Starhub and SP Services, and remember to also collect your deposits if you have.

You will also need to notify your banks which you have account with, loans, your credit card and insurance companies. Make sure you check with them any for formalities or outstanding payments that need to be settled.

One last thing is, if you have any dependants here, make sure they also notify all the institutions they are attached to, for instance your children’s educational institution.

Employment Pass is valid for 2 years and is renewable thereafter. So, if you wish to go back to your origin country once the validity ends, you do not need to renew the pass. But if you wish to continue residing here, you will need to renew the pass but is still subject to MOM’s approval.