Not everyone is eligible to receive a PEP, one of Singapore’s work visas intended for foreign professionals. Freelancers, business owners, certain media workers, and Employment Pass holders who are under a particular sponsorship scheme are never allowed to receive a PEP of their own.

Be Personalized Employment Pass holders

The Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) is one of the work visas which is granted to eligible foreigners by the government of Singapore. It is intended to be used by foreign professionals who earn a high salary and have extensive qualifications. Due to the high degree of difficulty involved in fulfilling this visa’s eligibility criteria, the issuance of a Personalized Employment Pass is relatively uncommon when compared to the issuance of some of Singapore’s other work visas such as the Employment Pass (EP) and the S Pass.

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People Who Are Ineligible for a Personalized Employment Pass

Returning to the topic of the Personalized Employment Pass, it ought to be mentioned that not everyone who applies for one is eligible to receive it. For example, anyone who is an existing Employment Pass holder under a sponsorship scheme is not permitted to receive a Personalized Employment Pass. This is because the details of the sponsorship scheme are sometimes in contradiction with the details which permit one to be eligible for a Personalized Employment Pass. Freelancers are another group of people who are ineligible for a Personalized Employment Pass. The nature of a freelancer’s work causes their eligibility

status for a Personalized Employment Pass to possibly change at any given moment; thus, the government has made it so that freelancers may not apply for one. The same is true of certain media workers including editors, sub-editors, journalists, and producers.

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Business Ownership and the Personalized Employment Pass

There is one important restriction imposed on any Personalized Employment Pass holder of which all such holders must take heed. This restriction is the fact that a person who holds a Personalized Employment Pass is not permitted to start a business or conduct any entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, no existing owner or director of a business in Singapore which has been registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is allowed to receive a Personalized Employment Pass. Such people include sole proprietors, partners, shareholders, and directors; thus, owners of any business entity may not receive this work visa.

The primary reason why business owners are not allowed to receive a Personalized Employment Pass is because for such people, the visa which is expected to be used is the Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass). It is the EntrePass and not the Personalized Employment Pass which is intended for those who have already started or plan to start a company which is to be or has been registered with ACRA. As long as certain criteria related to one’s status as an investor, entrepreneur, or investor are fulfilled, a business owner may apply for an EntrePass.

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