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Many citizens of the United States have expressed much interest in migrating to Singapore. Some do so for work purposes; others, for family reasons; and still others, for educational purposes. Nevertheless, all believe that the next chapter of their lives lies in Singapore.

Migration to Singapore

People from different parts of the world may have plans to migrate to different countries all over the globe. This may be due to various reasons such as new business opportunities, better education opportunities, or even social reasons such as marriage. Due to the fact that there will always be an influx of citizens from all over the world, Singapore has continued to be lenient with regard to the governance of immigration into the country. For this reason, there has been a continuous increase in the number of immigrants relocating to Singapore within the past number of years.

Why US Citizens Should Consider Migrating to Singapore

There are a number of attractive reasons why any person from the US may consider relocating to Singapore. The country has much to offer to different individuals with different personalities, tastes, and preferences. Furthermore, Singapore’s economic performance is consistently excellent. There are also several other reasons why a US citizen may consider migrating to Singapore.


Singapore has one of the best educational systems in the world. For this reason, any US citizen with aspirations of acquiring an outstanding education at any level may opt to migrate to Singapore to achieve this. People across Singapore are very serious and dedicated regarding education. Children are often enrolled in enrichment educational activities at a very young age. These are among the reasons why the literacy rate in Singapore is very high.

Most schools and universities in Singapore conduct most classes and lectures in English. For this reason, any US student who plans to migrate to Singapore for educational purposes may easily fit in. This is because there will be no cases of language barrier when interacting with teachers and fellow students alike.

It is also very possible for one to enroll one’s children into any level of education in Singapore. This is because, schooling starts as low as kindergarten level. At this level, students between the ages of three and six can enroll. The next level is the primary education which lasts for six years. At the end of the six years, the students take the Primary School Leaving Examination. The results of this examinations are used to place the students into their secondary education, which lasts for four years.


In Singapore, Asian and European cultures have been blended in very exciting and modern ways. There is diversity in language, religion, and cuisine. There is great respect of different religions and beliefs. This has brought about cohesion in the country, thus making migration to Singapore conducive for a US citizen or any other individual. There are also opportunities to explore the captivating distinct ethnic neighborhoods including Chinatown, Kampong Glam, and Little India. In Singapore, people are greatly motivated to explore their potential to the fullest without discrimination regarding race, religion, or background. Singapore views peace, democracy, equality, justice, and progress to be crucial values of the country.

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Job Opportunities

The job market in Singapore is very wide because its economic performance is excellent. Of course, one has to undergo an interview before being given a job. Therefore, all requisite qualifications must be fulfilled by a job applicant before the job interview so as to increase the chances of being hired for that particular job.

US entrepreneurs, especially those working in major multinational corporations, may also migrate to Singapore. The Singaporean government has always encouraged the input of foreign entrepreneurs. This is because the government understands how the input of entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world will assist in the development of the Singaporean economy.

Manufacturing, electronics, industrial development, engineering, tourism, trade, banking, and science and technology in Singapore create many job opportunities. These numerous job opportunities are available to both locals and foreigners alike. Expatriates from different parts of the world are allowed to take up any job in Singapore for which they are qualified.

If you are interested in migrating to Singapore yourself, we at Paul Hype Page & Co will be willing to serve your needs. Our team will assist you in the application for your Employment Pass. We will also contact all necessary government authorities which will in turn allow you to receive your Employment Pass as soon as possible.

Costs of Migration to Singapore

Before deciding to move to Singapore, a US citizen has to understand and be familiar with the information and facts that will assist in both migrating and settling in Singapore. There is much important information which a prospective Singapore immigrant has to take into consideration.

Visa Costs

Depending on the purpose for which a person intends to migrate to Singapore, the prices of the different types of visas will vary. For instance, those who are planning to either work or study in Singapore ought to get either a work visa or study visa. There is a wide variety of work passes, students’ passes, and permits in Singapore from which one may choose.

Cost of Moving and Transporting Items

It is expensive to ship good from the United States to Singapore. Therefore, one has to establish the exact amount that will be required before actually moving. This will mainly help the individual to organize and plan appropriately.

Cost of Housing in Singapore

The cost of housing in Singapore is relatively high. However, in recent years, the price of housing has dropped as a result of government intervention requiring prices of housing to fall.

Process of Migration to Singapore

The process of migration to Singapore mainly depends on the reason why one is relocating. One may want to migrate to Singapore due to reasons such as work, family, long-term visits, or education. Each reason for migration will necessitate a different process as well as different visas to be used.

Migration for Work

There are four different types of visas that can be used by professionals to migrate to Singapore.

Employment Pass

In order to migrate to Singapore, a professional suitable to employ this person has to apply for the Employment Pass (EP) on the employee’s behalf. As long as this same company has employed this professional, the Employment Pass is valid for two years. If this individual gets a new job with another company, this new company will apply for a new Employment Pass. There are no quotas or levies that apply to an Employment Pass. The Employment Pass can be renewed for up to three years.

An Employment Pass holder who earns more than S$6,000 a month is able to bring the spouse and children to Singapore, while one earning more than S$12,000 a month is able to bring the parents to Singapore.

For a professional to be able to receive an Employment Pass, the following criteria have to be satisfied:

  • Must receive a minimum payment of S$4,500 per month
  • Must have the necessary educational qualifications and relevant experience for the position held
  • Salary must be commensurate with increases in the professional’s experience

Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

The EntrePass is primarily intended for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to relocate to Singapore so as to establish new businesses. The EntrePass is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed. An entrepreneur can only bring dependents to Singapore if the pass has been renewed at least once. There are no quotas or levies which apply to the EntrePass.

The following criteria have to be met for an entrepreneur to be able to receive an EntrePass:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Owns at least 30% of a business venture that creates employment opportunities and has been registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

The PEP provides an individual with flexibility in changing jobs because it is not related to any employer. It has a validity of three years and permits one to live in Singapore for a period of six months without work. However, this visa cannot be renewed; neither do any levies and quotas apply. PEP holders may bring the spouse, children, and parents to Singapore.

For an individual to qualify for this type of visa, the individual has to meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a salary of not less than S$18,000 every month
  • Must have a salary of not less than S$12,000 every month if the person holds a valid Employment Pass

S Pass

An S Pass is normally used by workers who are less qualified but nevertheless intend to migrate to Singapore. The company in Singapore in which this type of an individual is to be employed has to apply for an S Pass visa. The validity period of an S Pass is two years; however, it can be renewed for three more years if this individual is still working with that particular company. An S Pass holder is also able to bring the spouse and children to Singapore if the S Pass owner has monthly earnings of more than S$6,000.

For an individual to qualify for an S Pass visa, the following qualifications must be fulfilled:

  • Earns a minimum salary of S$2,300 in a month
  • Has been provided with health insurance by the company which is sponsoring the prospective S Pass holder

Migration for Family Reasons

Immigrants who plan to bring family members to Singapore using a Dependant’s Pass, he/she must have one of an Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, or S Pass. The company in which the person moving to Singapore will work with is required to apply for a Dependant’s Pass. Quotas and levies do not apply to this pass.

For an individual to apply for a Dependant’s Pass, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Earn a minimum of S$6,000 in a month
  • Be legally married, have at least one child of 21 years old or younger, or both

Long Term Visit Pass

An individual intending to have any stepchildren, parents, or common-law spouse migrate to Singapore needs this type of visa. The company for which this individual works must apply for this visa on the individual’s behalf. This visa is only valid if the Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, or S Pass visas related to it are valid. Quotas and levies, however, do not apply

For an individual to qualify for a Long Term Visit Pass, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Earn a minimum of S$6,000 in a month to bring children or spouse to Singapore

Earn a minimum of S$12,000 in a month to bring parents to Singapore


For a United States citizen, migration to Singapore is a simple and trouble-free procedure. This is because the process of immigration to Singapore does not burdenthe immigrant with many given legal procedures. Migration to Singapore will provide the immigrant with many benefits ranging from education to employment to better opportunities to diversity of culture.


How a United States Citizen Can Migrate to Singapore FAQs

How many Americans live in Singapore today?2020-07-03T12:01:56+08:00

There is no exact figure of how many Americans live in Singapore today. However, estimates have placed this number at approximately 26,000 Americans. 

How are visa applications submitted to the Singapore Embassy in the US?2020-07-03T12:01:34+08:00

Visa applications can be submitted to the Embassy through any of three methods. These are via online submission, in person, or via email. Any of these methods are accepted by the authorities responsible.

What role does the Singapore Embassy in the US play with regard to migration?2020-07-03T12:01:06+08:00

The Singapore Embassy in the US plays important roles related to migrationIt does much to maintain and improve the relationship between the two nations. With regard to migration, especially migration from the US to Singapore, the Embassy has the responsibility of collecting visa applications. 

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