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Singapore has many international schools with a top-notch education. Singapore's best international Schools facilitate students with outstanding world-class facilities for learning, multifaceted support, and an open-minded environment to grow independently and strongly. Different international schools in Singapore offer different syllabus to their learners. Depending on the system of education you are looking for, you will always find an international school in Singapore that suits you. Given below is the list of one of the best international schools in Singapore.

List of Singapore International Schools

  • Tanglin Trust School

    Tanglin Trust School”, founded in 1925, is one of the oldest international British schools in Southeast Asia. Tanglin has an English Countrywide Syllabus for children from 3-18 years old in Singapore. Tanglin is the only international school that offers ‘A level’ or the IB diploma in the sixth form in Singapore.

    Tanglin focuses on providing high quality and outstanding education, making it a not-for-profit school. The school has an excellent academic reputation with consistent results exceeding local Singapore and global averages. An estimated 95% of graduates receive their first or second choice university.

    The educators at Tanglin are dynamic and professional. The school nurtures the spiritual, cultural, social, intellectual, and physical goals of the students. With the strong support and curriculum, they have to offer, high expectations are also set for Tanglin Trust School students. Alumni are lifelong learners who contribute confidently to the community.

  • Invictus International School

    Invictus International School” is an International co-education primary school. Their visualization is quality learning, simple, focused, and inexpensive. In tune with the times, they inspire and innovate with students instead of relying on traditional academic methods.

    Invictus grew from a 3-room school in an office building to the present 3 campuses. There is one in Hong Kong, two in Singapore. The school has a strong emphasis on Core community values which are maintained by the school administration where each child is known and is focused individually. It emphasizes building a close and robust connection between student and teacher.

  • United World College South East Asia

    This school has 2 branches in Singapore; it follows a values-centered syllabus. The goal of these branches is to link numerous cultures and nationalities, not giving importance to one religion, for a future built on peace and sustainability.

    From kindergarten to grade 14, learners in schools grown-up also equipped with strong international morals that beautify their capability to understand and develop the world, where needed.

  • Canadian International School

    Canadian international schools are facilitated by a relaxed and friendly environment. Also, it is conducive to easy learning. Teachers with 25 different nationalities make school array while Canadians cover 30% of the teaching roster, strongly blistering quality of education in the institute.

    Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools are housed in a campus nearby the lake— a remarkable setting for great learning. CIS’s curriculum has incorporated the concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) system for a top-notch education.

  •  International French School (Singapore)

    The French education agency supports the International French School. The school offer curriculum totally per France’s educational method.

    In “Lycee Francois De Singapore” there are kindergarten and upper secondary school classes. In addition to becoming fluent in the French language, students are encouraged to acquire and apply French cultural learning.

  • Avondale Grammar School

    Avondale Grammar School trains students through an Australian-based curriculum that offers impressive, effective, and enjoyable teaching techniques from the country.

    Apart from other Singapore’s international institutions, it focuses on small-oriented classes for detailed learning in a close-knit, friendly environment.

  • Singapore American School

    Singapore American School taught learners in an unusual way that emulates a high-quality American education.

    Like most renowned schools, Singapore-American school has four divisions, named as premature Learning Centre, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

    Here, students are focused on learning the circumstances of the American educational experience. The school also educates a well-informed application of American values near well living and international networks.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore
  • Chatsworth International School
    Chatsworth International School focuses on providing the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

    The school seeks to teach the real philosophy of education to students. Among other lessons on the Arts, Academics, Sports, and Services are also provided to students.

    The school has been known for non-selective, operated two international campuses in Singapore, the house of intelligent and capable students.

  • Hillside World Academy
    Hillside World Academy nourishes students with the International Baccalaureate curriculum and the application of Eastern and Western cultures in its learning system.

    The academy encourages students to use both Mandarin and English for the sake of international navigation. When compared with other schools’ academy, it is small with a maximum of just two classes per grade that allow teachers to give more attention and detail to students leading to better

  • Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS)
    Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS) challenge you to rethink how special education should be taught effectively. The school is innovative.

    MSIS approach to education is unique; it goes for a three-pronged approach to learning. It has an educational model where a wide range of collaboration is made between educational and therapy services. It presents the integrated model of service delivery in which specialists, teachers, and therapists collaborate to address the basic needs of each student, along with embedding therapy in all classroom activities and demonstrate functional Mathematics, functional English, and everyday living abilities under an art-based program that practices dance, melody, drama and the graphic/visual arts. MSIS art-based program is distinctive and effective where educational, therapist and medical psychologist organized leads to a program that uses dance drama music and visual arts to engage students.

  • Location, Age of Enrollees, and Curriculum of Different Schools in Singapore

School Name 


Age of Enrollees 


Tanglin Trust School 

95 Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139299 


Nursery School (Nursery) 
1) Application accepted for Infant School (Reception – Year 2)  
2) Application accepted for Junior School (Year 3 – Year 6)  
3) Application accepted for Senior School (Year 7 – Year 10)  
4) Application accepted for Sixth Form (Year 12) 


Invictus International School 

  73 Loewen Road Singapore  

Contact at +65-62593877 for more information 

1) International Primary program 

2)International Middle Years program 

3)International General diploma of secondary schooling 

4)Cambridge International A-levels 

United World College South East Asia

1207 Dover Road, Singapore 

4 to 18 years old – Kindergarten to Grade 14 

GCSE, IB Diploma 

Canadian International School

Lakeside Campus, 7 Jurong West” Street 41, Singapore 

To 18 years old – Preschool to Grade 12 


International French School Singapore

3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore

Around 5 to 18 years old 

GCSE, French High School Certificate 

Avondale Grammer School

318 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Singapore

To 12 years old – Preschool to middle school 

NAPLAN (Australian-based system) 

Singapore American School

40 woodlands street 41, Singapore

Around 6 – 18 years old – Preschool to Grade 12 

AP and High School diploma 

Chatsworth International School

37 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore

To 18 years old – Preschool to year 13 


Hillside World Academy 

11 Hillside Drive, Singapore 

Around 4 – 18 years old – Nursery to Grade 12 


Melbourne Special International School 

75 C Loewen Road, Singapore  

Contact at link below for more information 

Contact for More information 


In summary, all international schools in Singapore are unique. The international schools in Singapore provide the learners with an opportunity to understand the larger picture of the globe as they use different syllabuses that allows them to diversify their knowledge and studies.

What International schools are there in Singapore? FAQs

Why should I choose an International School?2020-11-10T11:42:03+08:00

One of the benefits of international schools is the fact that they promote international topics of education including building a strong foundation on cultural understanding among learners. Thus, the syllabus at the international schools can guarantee students a chance to learn and understand more beyond the classrooms and across the borders.  

Which is the most expensive international school in Singapore?2020-11-10T11:41:42+08:00

The most expensive international school in Singapore is The United World College of South East Asia. The tuition fee in this institution ranges from 28,000 USD to 33,800 USD annually.  

How much do international schools in Singapore cost?2020-11-10T11:41:14+08:00

The tuition fees of an international school vary from one institution to another. However, the fees range from 6,500 to 12,600 SGD. Other costs might include application fees. 

How many international schools are in Singapore?2020-11-10T11:40:27+08:00

There are 110 international schools in Singapore that range from preschool to secondary. These international schools have close to 63000 students with 18% of the total number of these international schools having 1,000 students. 

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