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The Entrepeneur Pass (EntrePass) is a work visa which is available in Singapore. Any foreigner who owns an EntrePass has permission to incorporate and own a company in Singapore.

If you are a foreign individual interested to incorporate a Singapore Company and relocate to Singapore? The following are the steps simplified for you. The best part we will do it all for you.

How to Incorporate a Company in Singapore (Step by step)

Step 1: Incorporate a Singapore Company

You can apply for an EntrePass when you have incorporated or intended to incorporate a private limited company registered with ACRA.

If your company has been incorporated before you apply for an EntrePass, you must make sure the company is less than 6 months old on the date you apply for an EntrePass. If you have yet to incorporate a company, you can proceed after your EntrePass is being approved.

Step 1 Incorporate a Singapore Company

Step 2: Discover the Benefits & Requirements of EntrePass

One of the advantages of EntrePass is there is also no minimum salary requirement like an Employment Pass! Find out whether you are eligible to apply for an EntrePass and what documents you need to prepare.

Discover the Benefits & Requirements of EntrePass

Step 3: Prepare your business plan

A well thought out business plan helps improve your chances of getting a Singapore EntrePass. Make sure you strategically draft your business plan!

Prepare your business plan
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Step 4: Submit your EntrePass application to MON after considering the considering factors of MOM

Some of the important factors for MOM to consider before approving of an EntrePass are as below:

  • Origin of your country
  • Type of business (and business plan)
  • Amount of Capital Investment
  • Local Job Creation
  • Past Work Experience
  • Education level
Submit your EntrePass application

Step 5: Wait for MOM approval

MOM takes 8 weeks to review and approve an EntrePass for most cases. Unfortunately, you can’t extend your Short-Term Visit Pass even it expires before your EntrePass is being approved by MOM.

Wait for MOM approval

Step 6: Starting your business in Singapore. Make sure it is in compliance with Singapore Law Requirements

Once you obtain your EntrePass and kick start your business, make sure your business meets the ACRA Annual Filing Requirement.

Starting your business in Singapore

Step 7: Filing Your Tax Returns – Annual Tax Filing Requirements

Lastly, remember to file your tax annually if your company is not exempted.

Filing Your Tax Returns – Annu

Singapore Company Incorporation with Entrepass FAQs

Can I appeal if my EntrePass application is rejected?2020-11-11T11:42:06+08:00

Yes, you can. 

Can I bring my family to Singapore as an EntrePass holder?2020-11-11T11:41:42+08:00

Yes, you can bring your family along if you meet the requirements for total annual business spending and local employment. Check out the details here.

Am I allowed to work if I have yet to incorporate a company as an EntrePass holder?2020-11-11T11:41:20+08:00

Yes, with an EntrePassyou can engage in work activities (e.g., fund-raising/ market research/ business marketing/ business tenders, etc.) related to your start-up even before you register a company.  

How long is the validity of an EntrePass?2020-11-11T11:44:24+08:00

new EntrePass and the first renewal are normally valid for one year. The subsequent renewals of the Entre Pass will be for 2 years. 

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